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Enormously satisfying season

Barnaby Graves

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I wanted to write this in the middle of the game, while we're tied, so if we win later people won't think I wrote this just because I was in a good mood :D

Thorne and Palmer were going on about the news around the league. The Angels have caught the A's and the Royals have caught the Tigers. For the first time in a long time I think there is a power vacuum, culturally, in baseball. The Yankees and Red Sox are trash, there are a lack of distinct, big-offense stars, Jeter is retiring, a lot of big names are off their usual game and there's not a lot of names to take their place. Offense is down around the league. I feel like we are pulling back from a flashy, star-orientated game back into a game about team composition. There's Mike Trout and then there's 749 flawed players.

Just kind of a rant I guess, maybe it's also a change in the way I watch and appreciate the game.

The Orioles play a patently exciting brand of baseball. Impressive defense, big power, lots of tight ballgames. I was resigned to the fact there couldn't be another season like 2012. So far Davis has not closed a game but most of the 2012 mojo is back.

Looking forward to the stretch run, I think the races are going to be great.

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