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You have to trade for a new 3B, right?


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Trading/not trading is likely (MUCH) more nuanced than anything/everything you hear in the press. And I don't think the O's interests would be served by having DD announce to the public: "we'd LOVE to make a trade. Hey GMs, call me. I'm open for business, and slightly desperate!"

Which may be a reason why they raised everyone's expectations about Manny returning before facing the music. I'm sure DD did not want to deal with GMs who knew Manny wouldn't be returning.

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Which may be a reason why they raised everyone's expectations about Manny returning before facing the music. I'm sure DD did not want to deal with GMs who knew Manny wouldn't be returning.

If we were going to go out and try and deal for someone like Beltre, GM's realize MM was not coming back. This is our first time in a long time we have a chance at a WS. Go get Beltre.

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Here are some other options that might pass through waivers:

Daniel Nava - he had a horrible start to the season but he's heated up to the tune of a 90 OPS+. Two problems... trading with Boston again could come back to bite the team, and Nava is cheap and controlled for a while so they might ask for something nice in return. Nava is a switch hitter but has a career .810 OPS vs RHP.

Adam Dunn - he's a FA after this season and there's only a fraction of the $15 mil left the White Sox owe him. He's, well, he's Adam Dunn. Y'all know what he does.

Alejandro De Aza - another White Sock that will be a FA. He doesn't have Dunn's bat but he is a legit OF who can cover CF. Career .275/.337/.409 vs RHP.

Grady Sizemore - our buddy Grady is batting .301 with a 115 OPS+ in Philly.

Luis Valbuena - we're getting a good look at him now. He's entering arbitration years and is having a career year (106 OPS+), and plays 3B. The Cubbies have a ton of talent waiting in the wings so they may be willing to deal him.

Will Venable - having a miserable season with the bat but like De Aza, he's a legit OF glove that can cover CF and he's a FA end of the year. All we need is a hot streak, not an all-star.

Justin Morneau - OK so this one's a stretch. He's signed through 2015 with a $9 mil option for 2016 and it's the $$$ that would allow him to pass through. But I'm guessing Colorado won't trade the man who is on pace to be the NL batting champ.

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As for external options, Duq said it's a very limited pool at this point. Said team has won without Manny as guys have stepped up.

-- Brittany Ghiroli (@Britt_Ghiroli) August 23, 2014

Just don't see us doing anything crazy. We usually just use the guys we got or acquire some kind of AAAA type player.

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And the guys the O's would be sending to the other teams?

Prospects like Bundy and Harvey etc. Isn't that the idea? Sell the farm out of panic in order to somehow insure you get to the WS? TEX is about the only team with a top 3B that would want ML players. Bundy, Harvey, and Walker for Wright.

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    • A couple of things that I find interesting, Yaqui Rivera - Acquired in the Tanner Scott/Cole Sulser trade with the Marlins. Juan Nunez - Acquired in the Jorge Lopez trade.   Creed Willems - still only 20 and already in A+.  He got off to a big start last year as well and then struggled the rest of the year.  We're a little spoiled with prospect success from the college guys and HS phenoms Mayo, Holliday, and Gunnar.  The HS position players take some time.  
    • Perez threw an inning of rehab last night with Norfolk.  His velocity was down about 1.5 MPH on his sinker, and everything was down a tick, but he was getting some work in and doesn't look too far away from being ready.
    • I don’t trust that guy to be very useful despite the strong start. He’s a good regression candidate. Would rather have Kopech. 
    • O's have Fabian behind Bradfield and Mullins will likely decline after '25 when he becomes a FA. I think one of those two should be able to hold down CF. Beavers could be in the mix as well.
    • Its a total joke that Wagner isn’t it in yet. 
    • I see no dilemma. He’s under team control right now during his best season’s. When he becomes a FA he will be out of his prime. I mean I love Mullins as a player and what he brings. But when we are talking about priorities for extensions, he is nowhere near the top considering you have an MVP caliber 22 year old, an ultra talented top prospect who is 20, and your team leader is 25. Those 3 are the engine that will drive this bus toward postseason glory most probably, not Cedric Mullins. If the Yanks want to give him that kind of contract while we retain 2 out of the 3 if Henderson, Rutschman, and Holliday; then so be it!  What I shudder to think about is a prime Henderson or Holliday crushing it for one of our competitors so that we can have a declining CF. Didn’t we just do that the last go around? Where we choose to resign the (predictably) declining player while we let the younger/more talented player leave? Yes, I agree that Bradfield Jr’s development is important. But since Elias/Sig have been here they haven’t struck out on any first round picks. Also, if Bradfield proves to be a bust, they can always draft and/or develop another CF type.
    • Thanks, I missed that detail probably multi-tasking in the game thread. I do think Kimbrel has a good shot*...Wagner should go in next cycle, and the electorate in the coming years will be wrestling with how Epstein, Friedman, etc. have improved per pitch efficiency by downsizing the workload literally any individual pitcher can shoulder.      There can't not be any Hall of Famers with all this run prevention going on.    I think now that he's officially retired Strasburg will be a good debate.    Bumgarner too, though I don't believe I've seen that guy yet admitting any retirement. *better shot if say he can get the last out of an important postseason series or three in 2024.
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