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Joseph...The Other One


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News today is that the Yankees are releasing Corban Joseph, brother of Caleb Joseph. Corban is a 1b/26 with a career .343 OBP and some pop. He looks to be similar to his brother in that he can put up numbers in the minors but doesn't project well to the majors.

Signing him is a no brained right? The minor league season is almost over so he is not going to take reps from anyone. This way him and his brother might get to go to a ST together. Maybe it's just a feel good story I would like to see happen, but given the orioles tradition of brothers playing together I think it makes sense.

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I could see DD calling him up in September if there is roster space and we are leading the division by a decent amount.

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Has to be on 40-man though, right? I doubt they do that. I see your point though. Remember Tim Raines and Tim Raines Jr?

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