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Palmer Calls Throwing at Joseph a Gutless Act


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Yeah, he's right. First of all, it was an innocuous play at home. Caleb's foot technically shouldn't have been there, but it ended up there when the throw was up the line. It wasn't intentional.

Second, if you want to be a punk, hit him in the hip, don't throw at his head. That's just wrong.

Oh well, we're the bullies on the field this year. Can't let these small-timers get us into a fight. We don't need the injuries.

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Meh, if you can't do it with a lead as big as we have then what's the point? Is it an automatic suspension after there has been a warning?

I think the point is that we're better than them. Also, I think most a Jays would not support what he did. Their problem is their best players are me first guys who don't respect the game.

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