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Derek Jeter Finally gets a Hit


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Derek Jeter Finally Gets a Hit

(By Patrick C., aka OFFNY)

Not a base hit ...... the Yankee shortstop is still 0-for-27 with a walk and a HBP in his last 29 plate appearances.

But he got hit with a pitch ...... which caused a melee, in which both benches emptied.

Rays pitcher Steve Geltz hit Jeter on the elbow with a pitch in the 8th inning of the Rays' 6-1 win over the Yankees.

Rays manager Joe Maddon couldn't understand why Yankees manager Joe Girardi and his team were so angry:

"Hey, the guy hasn't gotten a hit in his last 29 plate appearances. So, we figured that we would help him along, you know, considering that it's his final season, and that he's been such a great ambassador to the game."

It wasn't until after the game that Girardi realized what Geltz and the Rays had done for Jeter, assuring him that he wouldn't end his final series in Tampa Bay's Tropicana Field hitless. The Yankees manager then proceeded to go into the Rays' locker room to apologize to Maddon, and thank Geltz:

"You guys are great. You're just a class organization from top to bottom. I can't thank you enough for ensuring that our captain won't leave the Trop hitless. Adam Wainwright served up a freebie to Derek in the All-Star Game back in July, and now you guys threw the ball at him in his final series at Tropicana Field. It's goodwill from all sides, through and through."

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