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Season on line and that's the best you can do?


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A power hitting team goes through slumps like this sometimes. Its why you barely ever see the biggest power hitting teams win the world series, since they need to stay hot the whole postseason to do so.

They May go in a slump, but they don't get so impatient and fancy that all they can do is pop up on first pitches all game. You can still be selective. We were not selective tonight. This is hard to watch

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Poor managing by Buck....Schoop has done nothing, Pearce almost nothing, Go's with KG (who pitched well) when the Os needed a DP instead of O'Day. Young who was hot in the ALDS hasn't seen an AB in 3 games. How does he not bat in place of Pearce?

To add on Adam Jones ...two straight easy outs on 1st pitches in the late innings.

The free swinger thing has worked against them in this series. Moist skis has upped his pitches per innings ...our guys make it look easy for the other

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Wouldn't expect anything less from Adam Jones. You don't win in the postseason with a choker like Jones as your leader. Just pathetic showing from him in his playoff career. No excuses, he has needed to play better and has crapped the bed. No question he has all the heart in the world but the guy is his own worst enemy.

Royals have to be the luckiest team in history. And the douchiest. This series still isn't over. The Royals are mediocre. And they've won like 9 straight games. They're gonna lose eventually, and probably 2 or 3 in a row. Get this series back to Baltimore and all bets are off.

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    • Baseball is a funny game sometimes, but you're right, we are going to battle with starters that were not even projected for the opening day rotation. Yet, here we are. Obviously anytime we have a series against the Yankees it's big, but even if we lose 2 of 3, we'd only be 2.5 games back.  The loss of Coulombe is huge and that bothers me more than the starters honestly. Perez, Akin, Baker and Tate filling key roles if Cano or Kimbrel is not available does not make me feel great. Baker threw the ball in his debut back and has been throwing well in AAA for a bit, so maybe he's a little bit of lightning in a bottle that this team needs in the pen.   
    • Count me in, but the Orioles have never really subscribed to that theory of splitting time like that. They really put an emphasis on everyday players and bench players with everyday players rarely getting days off.
    • I agree with this. I just feel like he hasn't been given a fair shot in two seasons up here. I can't see any reason that he can't start 4 games out of 7. Give Hays, Mullins, Santander and Cowser each one day off a week and let him start. 
    • This is probably obvious to many but I have not seen it talked about. With Bradish going on the IL and the recall of reliever Vespi they are now in a 5 man rotation.    Burnes, GRod, Irvin, Suarez and Povich.    And an 8 man pen. It was hoped that Kremer would join the rotation but his short 3 2/3 innings in Sunday's start at Norfolk probably means he gets another start in Norfolk on Friday.    If he does well at that point he could join the O's on June 26th.    Until then the O's are likely to continue with a 5 man rotation IMO.   Even if Kremer joins the rotation in June the O's probably go back to a 5 man rotation in July because of the number of off days in July.
    • Some may feel that way, but I'm wishing that they would have landed them both. Even before the injuries the starting pitching was going to be a little light next season... it's possibly going to be brutal now. Either way, I'm going to enjoy 24 before worrying about next season.
    • That barrel% regression is really surprising. I haven't looked into his repertoire or to see if there is some difference in how he's pitching, but that's a crazy drop off.  I wanted him and was willing to give up Westburg for him before the Burnes trade. I'm glad I'm not the Orioles GM now! lol Saying that, I do think the Orioles may have gotten a bit better out of him. Plus, out of those last seven starts, he's really only pitched poorly twice including the last game where he allowed seven runs to balloon his ERA.  With all the injuries we've head, I still wouldn't be upset with him in the rotation now. But if Suarez can keep it up and start getting through 6 more often, he's basically what we had hoped Cease would have been for us.
    • You've never really been a Stowers guy and have always put a huge emphasis on K-BB ratio. While I agree that K-BB ratio can be important, I believe you had misgivings with Mountcastle as he moved up the chain for the same reason. Stowers is always going to have a lot of miss, but he's not getting much regular playing time and pinch-hitting against relievers is not normally a time to work pitchers so I'm not surprised he's been more aggressive. I still think if Stowers was given 500 PAs he's going to hit 25-30 bombs and put up an OPS north of .780. And I think he's improved his defense enough that I would feel ok with him in LF in Camden Yards.
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