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Season on line and that's the best you can do?


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Frustrating loss. KC is better built for the playoffs than the O's.

Chen pitched well. Should have got more off Guthrie, that was our only chance.

Thought Jones got better with plate discipline this season but he's quickly regressing right back to where he was. Too anxious.

Very disheartening. Be surprised if they can pull out a W tomorrow to save a little face at least.

I'll still be rooting them on.

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Suppose Buck will start Delmon tomorrow?

Too late Buck, go back to sleep

Yost takes Guthrie after 5 and turns it over to his shutdown bullpen.

Buck inexplicably tries to get Chen thru the 6th

That lost the game

Yost has schooled Buck all series.

Wow really! Did you even read that before you hit send?

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KC didn't actually do much with their bats either though. They win the game on a grounder to second and a pop fly to Lf. It was their defense and lights out bullpen that carried them to the win.

And joe wests terrible, terrible strike zone.

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A power hitting team goes through slumps like this sometimes. Its why you barely ever see the biggest power hitting teams win the world series, since they need to stay hot the whole postseason to do so.

Strike "power" and you're right. Just yesterday on Bill James' site someone wrote in remarking that the team with the higher ISO wins postseason series more often than not.

Edit: supporting data:

FYI: The run value of the average HR is fairly static at around 1.4 runs higher than the average plate appearance (PA), regardless of most run environments. All the other events however move lock-step with the run environment (lower run environment, less run impact). Since playoff baseball is typically a lower run environment, teams that hit more HR will retain their run production better than those teams that don't.

You're better off with power than other types of offense in the playoffs.

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One was a bloop.Nothing hit hard after the third.

I'm sorry, but I must have missed all the screaming liners that the Royals were hitting all over the field.

This thread and some of these attitudes are a joke. We are in the AL Championship. We're one of the two best teams in the league. And we're playing a team who is on fire and can do no wrong right now. We aren't giving these games away, and we certainly aren't choking. We are just being outplayed by KC. Plain and simple. The Royals are beating us, we are not beating ourselves.

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You know you're gonna lose a series when their third baseman makes a catch like that.

It's cool, we can keep telling ourselves that KC isn't that good to make ourselves feel better or something.

Honestly, I saw that catch and said to myself, "This is over."

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