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Will Markakis sign with the O's before the FA signing begin? (Option Declined)


Will Markakis resign with the O's before he is eligible to sign with other clubx?  

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  1. 1. Will Markakis resign with the O's before he is eligible to sign with other clubx?

    • Yes, Nick will resign with the O's before he is eligible to sigin with other clubs.
    • No, will not resign with the O's at all
    • No, Nick will not resign with the O's before he can sign with other clubs

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Angelos and Buck likes him. I think he will be back. Also, he would be unwise to test free agency....I am willing to bet the Orioles would give him a better deal than whatelse is out there. I mean really..in terms of pure stats is he worth more than say De Aza, or even what Mclouth got last year?

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This is my thought too. He's a guy that long time O's fans and Angelos likes, but he hasn't really done anything to make DD feel he's a core guy we need to keep around.

I think Buck wants him, and I know Angelos wants him. Duke on the other hand has made it clear in the past few years that he wants productive players and has no allegiance to guys just because they've been here and Buck likes (Roberts, Reynolds, etc.)

Nick's range is low, but arm is great. His OPS isn't great, but he's one of the only guys on the team with a decent OBP.

It's really a tricky situation at this point. I think if we can get him for a 3/36 type deal, he's back. If he wants more, he's not.

Nick might be one of the hardest to call in a long time. I'm gonna go with Yes, he's back, but not before the Free Agency period begins.

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From the outside looking in... It's hard to believe Nick would endure all this losing to finally be on a winner, only to go sign somewhere else.

No doubt Nick wants to stay, and probably would take a reduced rate. The question is does Duke want him?

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I think if you keep Nick, which I think they do, you have to put him lower in the batting order. Question is, who is your #2 hitter? Machado?










That's a pretty good lineup, IMO, with Joseph, Lough, Flaherty, and Young on the bench.

Question is, are we better with Pearce in LF, DeAza in RF, and another DH type (possibly Cruz)? Unfortunately, I think the answer is yes. The Sox parted ways with Nomar, STL lost Pujols, Seattle lost Griffey, etc, etc, etc. It happens. And while I'd hate to see Markakis wind up in Boston or New York, but I want to win a lot more than I want to keep Nick in Baltimore or out of a rival's uniform.

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    • Just add Mayo and Cowser to your list and the roster makes sense.
    • Let's look at the roster requirements.  The active MLB roster allows 26 players. Now do we have 4 outfielders or 5? I would assume we keep at least 13 pitchers with 8 of those in the bullpen. So that would leave 13 position players at best. 2 Catchers, 2 1Bmen, + Gunnar/Mateo/Urias/Westburg as IF utility. So that's 8 infielders all practically guaranteed to make the team from seniority on 2 winning Orioles teams, plus the 3 starting outfielders in Hays/Mullins/Santander. What we have are likely 2 outfield positions, with one of those possibly being another infield uitlity player, but maybe not probable. If they have 2 bench outfielders then at least one of those is probably preferred to be a left handed batter and the other probably to be a right handed batter. They might also want someone who has the skills to play centerfield, unless the scenario that either Mateo or Hays is thought to be the primary backup center-fielder. Which could be a very good idea in order to allow a corner outfielder on the roster.
    • How so? They knew Bradish had a season-threatening injury a month before the trade with Milwaukee, and that Burnes was therefore just filling a hole rather than serving as a true addition to the rotation. ...who merely replaced the incumbent ace of the staff, who may not pitch at all for us in 2024. No real upgrade has actually occurred.  
    • I have to say, if we’re still at a point where signing some SP5 has to be contingent in any way on dumping $3.5M of Ryan O’Hearn — that would be so very disheartening.  I get why folks want to see Kjerstad over O’Hearn. We all want to see Kjerstad. We all want to see the very exciting all-homegrown-prospect lineups we’ve been pontificating about ad nauseum for years now.  But we’re trying to win it all this season, and O’Hearn had a higher wRC+ in the bigs last year than Kjerstad did in AAA. Just dumping a guy who was a critical part of the lineup last year on blind faith seems a bit rash. And unnecessary.  Maybe O’Hearn regresses to his pre-2023 form. Maybe Kjerstad absolutely rakes. The nice thing is, we have the luxury of letting it all play out. It’s a very long season. If O’Hearn hits his way off the team — or Kjerstad hits his way onto it — then great. That’s a miscalculation we can easily (and happily) correct. But if you ship O’Hearn out and then Kjerstad can’t hack it (or gets hurt, that’s much tougher to un-do. 
    • I love the sound of that crack of the bat. It means spring is almost here!
    • Thanks for this. I was actually thinking earlier while browsing the message board that I wanted to follow Hall and was thinking about looking up his stat page.
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