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With which pitcher?

Not to mention - Why in the blue h would we want to - considering his contract situation? if he has a big year, he'll be looking for absurdly high money. If he has yet another Markakis type year, why would we want to keep him at the money he's going to command?

The Braves get a talented starter with a 3.33 ERA in 370 career innings through age 23 and 6 years of control. And Tyrell Jenkins is a nice 22 year old prospect who can hit mid 90's. Walden's a good get for St Louis - a quality set-up reliever but seems to get nicked up every year. Good trade for both teams - Miller could have been the odd man out for St Louis, and the trade could help them a lot next season - they're clearly poised for another big season.

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I believe that Walker, Urrutia, and Alavarez could provide 70 percent of what Cruz did last year. I believe Cruz will provide 80 percent of what he did last year.

I believe depending on Walker, Urritia, and Alvarez would be a complete disaster.

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