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MLBTR is usually a good site for information, the APP just makes getting to the site easier and the site can alert you to transactions.

I come here for that stuff.

OH contributors curate better info than I can alone.

The app now gives me something new in my "reading room" rotation. And by "reading room", I mean definitely not a bathroom.

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It's nice to get quick update notifications sent to your phone and all, but I really don't need to know 10 different times that Kevin Cash has been hired as Tampa's new manager...or that the Yankees have traded for Didi over & over & over again. Between the MLBTR & Tapatalk apps I've gotten approximately 1000 notifications just this past week. The majority of which are multi-multiple repeats that have happened hours after the fact. I've had to resort to putting the app on Do Not Disturb.

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