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Yesterday I wrote a piece claiming that the Smoak and Dirks waiver claims were a sign that the Blue Jays had money to spend. After all, why get mediocre guys with real salaries if you can't spend? I even dropped this line:

'My first instinct was to actually go the other way on this and agree with those saying "oh no, Smoak means Lind is going to be traded for a reliever!" But when I thought about it further, it just didn't track.'

Today, the Blue Jays traded Adam Lind to the Milwaukee Brewers for Marco Estrada.

Just goes to show you, trust your instincts, kids!

Honestly, I think I would've been happier with a pure reliever. Right now, this move makes absolutely no sense. Marco Estrada is a 31 year old, mediocre starting pitcher who actually lost his job in the rotation because he was giving up too many home runs.

- See more at: http://www.bluejaysplus.com/adam-lind-traded-milwaukee-brewers-reaction/#sthash.wELyRvgG.VlYh3oho.dpuf

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Too soon in the offseason to guess what the Jays will do. They clearly need OF help, with Cabrera and Rasmus potentially out the door and Lind traded. I think the big key for them is how Hutchison and Stroman develop. Hutchison was mediocre overall but brilliant at times, and he's 23, as is Stroman. If they turn out well, the Jays could contend.

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