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2008 Depth chart is out


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Do you think Olson's poor performance at the ML level heart his chances of making the club to start the year? I really had high hopes for him they way he was dominating in Norfolk. Still trying to figure out what happened to that guy.

Olson will certainly get an opportunity this spring and if he pitches good enough, I could see him breaking camp in the Orioles rotation, but I do think he needs to work more on his changeup and that it would proabbly serve him better to start the year at Norfolk.

Olson pitched well last year at Norfolk but he was helped out by dominating at his home park (one of the best places to pitch in the minor leagues). He went right at batters walking just 1.69 batters per 9 innings at home (where winds coming in from right center make it very tough to hit home runs) but without the safety net walked 3.80 batters per nine innings away. Add that to his nibbling at the major league level last year and I have comncerns that Olson doesn't trust his stuff enough yet.

He also still needs to work on his changeup, a pitch he reportedly was not using as much as he should of been last year at Norfolk. It's hard to get a pitcher to work on a pitch he's not comfortable with when he worried about putting up good numbers in order to get promoted to the big leagues.

Olson needs that changeup in order to be an effective starter in the big leagues. Without we're really loooking at him as a fifth starter or setup guy, which still has value.

With all of this considered, I think it's best for the Orioles to start Olson back at Norfolk with the understanding that he needs to throw 15-20 changeups a start.

Olson will be a major league pitcher, but what he is in the major leagues continues to hinder on the development of his changeup.

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Tony, I'm not sure if you saw my earlier post in this thread. What can you tell us about Brian Parker? I'd never heard of him until seeing his name on the depth chart. I see he had pretty good numbers in 30 innings of relief work at Bluefield and Aberdeen. What does he throw? Is he just another David Haehnel who will dominate the lower levels but falter when he needs more than one pitch, or is there more there?

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Very fun to look at, Tony, great work. A few comments and questions for you:

1. Sickening to look at SS - nothing from AAA on down. And we drafted like 5 shortstops two years ago, almost all of whom appear to have moved to other positions.

2. Very little in CF - I sure hope Adam Jones arrives and makes that a moot issue.

Yeah, we are not strong up the middle in the minor leagues, and that's something that needs to be addressed IMHO. Davis can probably stick at shortstop but I don't see him ending up a major league regular, at least not with a contending club. One other thing to remember is that mahy high school shortstops play there because they are the best athlete on the team, not because they truly have professional skills at short.

As for center field, Angle has potential but thankfully, Jones should be an anchor here.

3. A little surprised to see Angle designated as "early potential." He'll be 23 this year, no?

Angle will be 22 this year and he hasn't played a full minor league season. We'll have a better idea of his prospect status after this season.

4. Seven pitchers designated as "solid major league starters" -- not including Bascom and Arrieta. I was a little surprised to see Bascom at Bowie and Arrieta at Frederick, rather than the other way around. But I realize this is just preliminary.

I went with Bascom over Arrieta for several reasons. Bascom is older, and supposedly the more advanced pitcher. Arrieta pitched well out of the pen in the AFL, but he'll be a starter in the minor leagues and starting him off at Double-A is a pretty tough assignment. He could quickly move up there if he pitches well, but I see the Orioles being cautious with him. Bascom pitched most of last year without his good fastball since he wasn't in the best of shape when he arrived. I expect with a good offseason and spring training, he'll be ready for Double-A. All things considered, the Orioles would probably like to start him off at Single-A but there are too many younger pitchers that need to pitch there this year.

5. Looking at who you have at AAA, I infer you think Albers and Penn will beat out Patton and Olson for rotation spots on the Orioles? And Scott Moore will make the big club as well?

That's how i see it here in February, but obviously trades and spring training performance and helath will become factors. I could also see Albers moving to the pen. I think Moore will end up making the club because I still think Huff or Millar will end up getting moved. Maybe I'm just hoping. :) If not, he could end up back in Norfolk.

6. What more can you tell us about Brian Parker? He wasn't on the top 30 list or the early potential list, but shows up here as an early potential guy slated to be Delmarva's closer. Do tell.

I liked Parker when I saw his scouting video. Not a hard thrower, but he's a herky-jerky sidearmer that just murders righties. I wouldn't be surprised if he ends up in Frederick or even Bowie by the end of the year. I think he's a slseeper guy, but I'll wait to see him pitch this year before getting too hyped up on him.

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In my opinion, Olson deserves a clean slate, as does Penn. Guys who do that well in AAA can succeed in the majors. We gave up on John Maine too soon and I hope we never make that mistake again.

Hopefully the O's understand that MOST pitchers first time around should not be judged too harshly. Personally, I'm high on him. This kind of lefty, if he develops an above average changup, can get real goood, real fast.

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Yes, he does have above average stuff, but he also has below average consistency. He's another one that has a lot of potential but he'll need to prove it on the field next year. Double-A should be a great test for him.

Yes, same for Britton, Beato, and Liz but they get a pass. DHernandez has just as good of stuff or better with the exception of Liz(just a notch below). But for some reason Tony isn't on the bandwagon with Hernanadez like he is with the others. I know Scottie is!!:D I believe Hernandez will have an outstanding year in AA when he incorporates his change-up into the mix.

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Yes, same for Britton, Beato, and Liz but they get a pass. DHernandez has just as good of stuff or better with the exception of Liz(just a notch below). But for some reason Tony isn't on the bandwagon with Hernanadez like he is with the others. I know Scottie is!!:D I believe Hernandez will have an outstanding year in AA when he incorporates his change-up into the mix.

David Hernandez has two speeds: Un-hittable and supersonic.

There are no disabled people. Only people who have faced David Hernandez.

David Hernandez likes to “knit sweaters” in his spare time, and by “knit” I mean “knock down”, and by “sweaters” I mean “quivering batters”.

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Jason Burch - I know we got him in the Rodrigo deal along with Jim Miller who pitched in Bowie last year.

Burch had his injury and spent most of the year on the DL, but came back and was dominant in helping Frederick reach the postseason and win the Mills Cup.

Am I assuming he makes the jump to Bowie?

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I saw where you had Aaron Odom on your 07 chart as B-prospect & early potential but I dont see him on the 08.This kid was good when him & Clay Buchholz pitched together @ Angilina Jr. College.

I think he'll compete for a job with Delmarva this year, but could end up at Aberdeen.

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