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Ichiro a fit?


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    • That's pretty cool.  I'm sure you remember the game against the Senators when he hit grand slams in back to back innings in 1970. 
    • Yeah I think it is more of just the time of year, and just having him focus on what he needs to focus on. They probably learned a lesson from Cowser that there is little need for him to focus attention to defense when they just need his bat.
    • Means' 3.1 K/9 isn't going to be sustained anymore than his .135 BABIP is. 
    • I think that's right, except I'm not convinced that Kjerstad (I keep wanting to add a "t" at the end of his name) will be better than Santander next year, at least in home games. I think Santander is pretty good in a small RF like Camden Yards, and I haven't seen Kjerstad's arm enough to think he'll throw as well or better than Tony. 
    • Speaking of late games, I remember that Frank Robinson hit his 500th homer in a game that was too late for the box score to be in the paper.  So, at the end of the week, I rode my bike 6-7 miles round trip to the local drug store to buy The Sporting News so I could have that box score.  
    • How about some love for Baseball Weekly from the early 90's?
    • So in the above 8 pages, I think we have established that it is harder, but possible, to succeed with a below average K rate. I think we can also agree that Means has a track record of success as an above average (but not elite) pitcher (3.75 ERA, 122 ERA+) with below average K rate (7.6). Not to belabor this further, but the real question to ask (which I think Sports Guy may be getting at) is whether Means' current 3.1 K/9 is concerning. The more important comparison is not to league average, but to Means' own career norms. Especially because he is coming off TJ, a big change in K/9 could indicate a major dropoff or change in stuff.  My feeling with his second start was that he looked pretty bad despite allowing few runs. Last night from what I saw the eye test matched the results. I doubt he will succeed if he continues with 3.1 K/9, but I think if he pitches the way he did last night he will get more K's. Overall, very comfortable with him as a playoff starter and a middle rotation guy heading into next year, but have to be concerned in view of his TJ.
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