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2014 #9 Prospect: Mike Yastrzemski - OF


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Even though Yastrzemski spent the majority of both the 2016 and 2017 seasons at AAA-Norfolk, he will begin the 2018 season at AA-Bowie.





Opening Day, 2018


AA-Bowie Outfielders (5)

Austin Hays

Cedric Mullins

D'Arby Myers

Ademar Rifaela

Mike Yastrzemski





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You get the feeling that he’s getting leap frogged to the point that he won’t see a major league roster soon. The Orioles have a bunch of promise in guys like Stewart, Mullins, and Hays. Plus the big league experience of Brugman, Rickard and Presley. Just too many options here. He could hit his way out of Bowie.

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On 3/31/2018 at 7:42 PM, Luke-OH said:

I'm pretty sure he's just looked at as an org. guy at this point, it'd be nice to see him get a cup of coffee at some point though.

Yeah, guys like him and Corban Joseph are too old to be considered any kind of prospects.  And if one of those types gets a cup of coffee this year, I'd like it to be Joseph.  This might be his last chance for that, and he's having a terrific year - and won a game today with a walk-off homer.  He actually did get that cupajo back in 2013 with the Yankees - 2 games going 1 for 6 (a double) and a walk.  

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8 minutes ago, sportsfan8703 said:

It’s a slow news day. 

LOL - waiting "on" the Trumbo MRI, more fallout from the Davis "hissyfit" and what slot in the lineup he takes, hyping the "reliever game", etc.

Whoops - Trumbs has artha ritis and CD is back at 6.  No Jace for his "followers".


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