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When could the O's prospects arrive?


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Looking at Tony's prospect list here is how the O's farm might impact the O's major league team. ETAs are Tony's best guess. (I added Drake and Navarro)


#4 - Zach Davies - Could be promoted to O's mid season. Spot Starter/Set up guy.

#5 - Alvarez - Promoted mid season. 4th outfielder. Might platoon.

#7 - Walker - Mid season. DH/1B

#9 - Yaz - End of the season. 4th outfielder.

#12 - Tyler Wilson - 5th starter if injury hits O's rotation

#13 - Tim Berry - Setup/Long reliever

#16 - Mike Wright - 5th starter/swingman/Setup

??? - Oliver Drake - Reliever/Closer

??? - Rey Navarro - Utility Infielder


#1 - Bundy - In the O's rotation mid season. Must be on the O's roster to start the season. He will be out of options. O's may be able to apply for another option for missing the 2013 season but this is not a sure thing.

#8 - Bridwell - Mid season. Reliever


#2 - Harvey - In the O's rotation mid season

#3 - Sisco - Bats gets him to the O's by opening day, position in question


#6 - Reyes - 3b?

#10 - Brian Gonzalez - 4th or 5th starter

Note: Don't forget Henry Urrutia who is past prospect stage but still in the high minors.

After the top 10 Tony didn't put ETAs on some of the prospects so they are not included.

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Anything is possible. Prospects seldom make it on the projected timetable. If Jomar Reyes is starting OD in 2018 at age 21, we have something special. Of all the guys listed for 2015, all are possible, but none are probable. Navarro has a realistic chance of starting the year on the team. I don't think I would say that about any of the others.

Hopefully, we have little room for most of them. And that we can trade them for something we need.

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