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Are Tillman/Patton our top 2 pitching prospects now?


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That's a tough one, because my list is based on production, MiL command, MiL level they pitched at and ceiling. I tend to put more weight on production at higher levels and command rather than pure ceiling.

I've read some great stuff on Albers and never seen him in person; and who knows what we're going to see with Hayden Penn after the bad luck appendectomy and the injury and all of the time off. They have both been highly thought of in the recent past obviously, and have the potential to be at around #3 on my list. I want to think that Hayden will come back with a vengeance, but I'd be more inclined to put Penn at #6.

Albers might be around #8 or so. His delivery is not real smooth and requires a bit of effort, and his command has been on and off. He throws hard and pitches inside effectively. Needs a better changeup and to change speeds on his breaking ball a little better.

All that said, with the new pitching coach Kranitz, they could both really flourish this season and be the dominant #2-3 starters that scouts projected a while back. I'd like to see both make the team this year as 5th starter/long relief, but I think Penn will almost certainly be ticketed for Norfolk. I'd rather see them pitch than see a Steve Trachsel come back.

Thanks for taking the time. Interesting answer.

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For me, it would be:

1. Radhames Liz - gets the nod because of pure stuff and he has improved in the last year tremendously

2. Chorye Spoone - bulldog, winner...reminds me of Curt Schilling that way

3. Chris Tillman - 20 yoa and very talented, let's see what he does this year at a higher level before we annoint him our best pitching prospect

4. Troy Patton - lost velocity concerns me some, but he knows how to pitch

5. Garrett Olson - nerves and lost confidence aside, knows how to pitch and has command...normally

After that: Arrieta, Bascom, Erbe, Beato, D. Hernandez, T. Butler, Z. Britton, R. Bierd, Hoey, B. McCrory, K. Mickolio, J. Johnson, B. Bergesen, J. Berken and K. Schmidt.

Good to see that someone remembered that releivers count as pitchers, too! :)

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it surprises me some that Chorye Spoone is so high on most lists. Is his stuff that good?

Simply put, yes it's that good. I would advise you to check out the Spoone link in the Prospect Tracker sub-forum at the top of this board.

While he struggled early in the year last year, he bounced back with a dominating second half and his two complete game gems in the playoffs were a crucial part of Frederick's Mills Cup run.

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