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Toronto looking for New President to be Duquette.


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Simple solution.

Congratulations Dan Duquette your now President of the Orioles enjoy the raise, Brady Anderson congrats your now a GM and here is a token raise to go along with your new position. Now go make DD a cup of coffee so he can get to back to work

Unless, DD feels he is being hamstrung here by a certain someone we all know and is looking for an out. I am a little concerned that this might be the case. Hoping though it is not

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The Blue Jays are looking to replace President/CEO Paul Beeston. They were unhappy with his participation in the new commissioner search.

This is way more than a baseball job. Is Duquette looking to be responsible for the business as well as the team?

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This is not like the Epstein situation. That took place in October. It would not be inappropriate for the Orioles to prevent the Blue Jays from hiring DD in the middle/after the winter meetings. It would completely ruin the continuity of the front office for him to leave this far into the offseason.

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    • So you think it’s about Aneuris Rodriguez?  I can’t rule that out, but to me he’s just a lottery ticket.  20-year old kid pitching in the complex leagues who doesn’t seem to be on any top 30 or even top 50 lists for the Brewers. I doubt the O’s would have picked up Vieira’s salary and dealt Stallings just to get Rodriguez.  I looked to see if Rodriguez was a big bonus guy but found no information.  
    • Thyago had pitched in 16 games before yesterday.  He was scored upon in 9 of them.  Not good at all but he had 7 scoreless appearances and on 4 separate occasions went 2 IP with no runs.  He had also never walked more than 2 in any appearance and gave up more than 1 run 3 times. Should they have expected 4 walks, 1 hit, 0 recorded outs and 3 runs?
    • The issue is the word "irresponsible".  All that happened as a result is we optioned Vespi. We did not lose anyone and we did not put Thyago in a situation where he could hurt us. If we get to a point where he is costing us games or players, then I would agree. 
    • The first four.  Tough to predict pitchers because one month can go a long way to solidifying their case or removing them from the conversation.  Bradish, Rodriguez, and Irvin all in the conversation, in addition to the obvious one (Burnes). 
    • It would have been irresponsible not to use the guy in that situation. You're playing the 11th game of 30 games in 31 days and you have an eleven run lead. The 11 run lead makes it the perfect scenario to save more important arms by getting him some innings. If he gets through the inning, we've saved Perez. It didn't work. No harm.  
    • A bit hyperbolic. He has 43rd percentile sprint speed, an above average arm, and his defensive metrics are pretty decent this year.   He's not Mike Trout out there, but I think he's a long way from being a DH.  He will be able to play RF at Yankee Stadium for a long time. 
    • Buster Olney article on ESPN today about the Mets and their possible trade chips. Doesn’t treat it as a certainty that they’ll sell, but definitely heading in that direction. https://www.espn.com/mlb/insider/story/_/id/40231909/new-york-mets-2024-mlb-trade-deadline Pete Alonso is the big-ticket item. Luis Severino, Sean Manaea, and Jose Quintana (in that order of value at the moment) looking like mid-rotation or lower SP additions. JD Martínez likely available as a RH bench bat.  Starling Marte and Harrison Bader both feature in the highly paid 4th OF department.  Reed Garrett has been a major pop-up reliever for them, incredible numbers. He’s got a long period of team control. Jorge Lopez, Adam Ottavino, and Jake Diekman are veteran relievers who have been around forever and pitched for everyone.   For my money, Ottavino probably makes the most sense of those options for this team. Very good, very experienced righty reliever on a short-term deal. Likely wouldn’t cost much, but would likely be among our better bullpen options through the pennant race and the postseason.
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