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The Clemens Hearing Thread

Moose Milligan

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This senator looks like a rodent, but he is very intelligent.

One key from this opening statement... the committee recognizes that the accounts of McNamee and Clemens aren't just different, they are completely contradictory. At least one of them is lying, which means at least one of them is going to jail for perjury

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Here is some good stuff from Jayson Stark :

10:52 a.m. ET

The anger in Clemens' voice during that opening statement was unmistakeable. There was an edge in his voice and a look in his eye that didn't look the slightest bit contrived.

Heck, he even admitted it. He was steaming as he read those words.

"I've chosen to live my life with a positive attitude," he said. "Yet I'm accused of being a criminal. I'm not supposed to be angry about that?"

Revealing words.

10:54 a.m. ET

One more highlight from Clemens' statement:

He took pains to make sure the committee knew he wasn't slamming their buddy, George Mitchell. Good strategy!

"I'm not saying Senator Mithcell's report is entirely wrong," Clemens said. "I'm merely saying Brian McNamee's statements about me were wrong."

Apparently, the Rocket has noticed that this committee is essentially the George Mitchell Fan Club.

10:58 a.m. ET

You body-language watchers should have a field day with this one.

As Rep. Waxman was speaking, Clemens looked him right in the eye, while McNamee looked everywhere but at that podium.

But as McNamee spoke, Clemens looked straight down at the floor, as if he were trying to make himself believe this man wasn't even speaking.

Quite a show.

10:59 a.m. ET

The big moment from McNamee's statement:

"I never injected Mr. Clemens or anyone else with Lidocaine or B-12. I have no reason to lie -- and every reason not to."

A moment later:

"I told the investigators I injected three people -- two of whom I know confirmed my account. The third is sitting at this table."

Whew. Is this really happening?

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    • There's a lot to like in the minors but if this guy reaches his potential it'll have a huge impact.  
    • Burnes has two years of control left and he will have banked over $15 million dollars in his career by the end of year 1, so he may not be interested in forgoing his first trip into free agency to sign an extension with us. There is simply no way I am trading 6 years of Grayson for 2 years of Burnes, or virtually anyone else for that matter. He is the best pitching prospect in baseball and looks every bit the part of a future rotation anchor for the Orioles.  Cowser, OTOH, I can probably be talked into if other significant moves are going to be made in conjunction with such a trade, but I believe that Elias values 6 years of Cowser (plus the rest of the necessary trade package) higher than he would 2 years of Burnes. You are speaking with the benefit of hindsight and you are discounting just how abnormal (perhaps even unnatural, you might say) his performance was during that 4 year contract. Baseball players generally do not peak in their late 30s, especially injury-prone DH types. There was virtually no reason to expect that outcome and I am not going to criticize the Orioles for not accurately predicting a genuine black swan event.
    • I can see him move guys from the upper-level infield surplus. But I, too, am skeptical he'll trade any higher-level pitchers. Honestly, I doubt he trades much from the pipeline outside of what has proven to be a surplus at the higher-levels. Essentially, with Mateo, Urias, Ortiz, Norby, and Westburg, we have five players for 2 (maybe 3) spots. He'll obviously prefer to move Mateo and Urias as they're the older players, but I could see a couple of the Norby, Westburg, Ortiz (and we can throw Hernaiz in there, too). Given Henderson has arrived, there's some depth in the aforementioned group, plus guys like Holliday, Wagner, Bencosme, etc are just a couple years behind.  
    • I'm a little concerned about this too. As we've discussed before, there's a serious log jam on the horizon. Middle infield and potentially outfield. Gonna have to move some players. The trick of it I suppose, is knowing which ones to move. Elias should have the advantage of being more familiar with his own players than potential suitors would be... but that only gets you so far... you have to move highly regarded players before you get a chance to fully assess their MLB performance... or you run the risk of tipping your hand (exposing players as less or more capable at the MLB level) Elias has the luxury of having both MLB and MiLB resources he can move today... Say for examples Hays, or Mullins... or Mateo and Urias...   that though, only begins to clean up the impending logjam. If you wait too long, you're stuck with a bunch of players you HAVE to unload.. and then you get fleeced
    • Collecting HBP is largely a repeatable "skill."
    • The PFF grade is because they charged the receivers with 5 drops (Kenyan Drake and Duvernay both dropped screen passes that hit them on the chest, and the other 3 were Andrews, Oliver and Robinson.) It looks like they marked him for 3 throwaways too, so he was 21 for 29 in terms of adjusted completion.   I hard disagree on the jump balls, at least this game.  Both jump balls to Andrews and Oliver were more on the receivers, Andrews' ball especially.  That ball was exactly where it needed to be.  When you have a 6'5" superstar tight end that requires a defensive back in coverage, I think it's almost always the right play to throw it over the head of his defenders so no one else can catch it.  Andrews didn't have to reach for it, it just clanked off his fingers.  And I think Oliver's ball was like 2 inches higher than maybe he would have liked, but I'm not really calling that a miss anymore because Oliver slowed down for no reason, and he mistimed his jump.  He 100% should have caught that.
    • The greatest I ever saw at getting hit by pitches was Ernie Pantusso.  You could not miss him.
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