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MLB holding out on 2017 All Star Game

Bahama O's Fan

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Interesting' date=' MLB has awarded the 2018 All Star Game to Washington, but have not awarded the 2017, which should be an AL rotation. Do they think holding it over Angelos' head will make him give in to Toronto?


If they were holding it over the heads of the Orioles, it would have more to do with MASN related litigation than anything else.

Hell 90% DD is being allowed to happen because MLB has pretty much turned a blind eye to sticking it to the O's

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Wasn't that a crock!

Lamest excuse ever created for moving an event such this.

Paperwork? Seriously. Only thing missing was a press release from MLB saying that the Orioles forgot to submit the paperwork to the office of Ben Dover

Disgusting that they are allowed to act that way and not even a peep from the mainstream media's little fanboys

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