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Buck meeting with Angelos today...

Bazooka Jones

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Reading between the lines with Roch's posts/tweets, his agent wanted him in Baltimore and the O's thought they had or were pretty close to a deal at $7MM and then Rasmus pulled out. Not the other way around.

Yeah, Baltimore would seem to have been the place with the better chance to put up numbers that could yield a lucrative long-term deal next off season ala Nellie Cruz, so I can see why his agent would have been recommending Baltimore. Rasmus quoted as liking the big trucks in Houston. That apparently carried more weight for him than his agent's advice. :) Some things you just can't compete with. I guess when Buck didn't know how to answer when Rasmus asked him about the size of the trucks in Baltimore, Rasmus' mind was made up. :laughlol:

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From every report the Orioles wanted but at 7 million. Also there are no state taxes in Texas. Rasmus also said he has friends in the Houston area and he wants to play with younger guys.

That last point is BS. We have one of the younger teams in baseball. Not as young as Houston but still.

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<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>ICYMI part two: The Beest is back <a href="http://t.co/a4shuZtMoq">http://t.co/a4shuZtMoq</a>

Now-irrelevant Duquette talk <a href="http://t.co/p3tQuq3aVH">http://t.co/p3tQuq3aVH</a>

Duce <a href="http://t.co/jkv9ipZQFm">http://t.co/jkv9ipZQFm</a></p>— Andrew Stoeten (@AndrewStoeten) <a href="

">January 21, 2015</a></blockquote>

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If there is no adequate compensation I'd rather Duquette do nothing than have him actively work against the Orioles in Toronto. If they end up doing better than the Orioles, that will affect wins, and that in turn will affect revenue, and that will affect jobs.

If DD stays, then he will do his job to the utmost of his ability. Nothing will prevent him more from ever getting another contract from anywhere in baseball than if he goes negative and counterproductive during the rest of this contract. He knows that and will do nothing but his best because that is by far what is in his own best interest.

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Please check out your link. That average actually included Johan Santana, Kelly Johnson, and Joe Saunders. That distorts the average age quite a bit, doesn't it?
I don't get it. They list Baltimore's oldest player at age 35 but looking at the 40-man roster, the oldest player is J.J. Hardy at age 32 (August 19, 1982).

I think maybe that was from the end of last year.

Huh. Serves me right.

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