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Former Keys player Eric Estes facing child sexual assault charges


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While he was pitching for the Keys in 1997. He also pitched for Bowie in 1998.


Absolutely sickening. A family opens up their home to you and you sexually abuse their son!?! (allegedly) That boy probably thought it was SO COOL to have this guy living with them... and this happens.

Sorry for the rant, clearly I am a parent of young children. :)


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    • The bigger issus is if this affects his trade value.   I'm thinking that this has to hurt his trade value immensely.   The Ravens aren't going to let him go for nothing.   
    • I would not put it past Elias to do that honestly. I personally think they would be silly to send Stowers out and keep O'Hearn, but this an organization that signed and played a washed up Aguilar over him last year so who knows? Elias signed Frazier and acquired O'Hearn despite his $1.4 million salary. He must have some plan for them and you do have to wonder if it will be at the expense of Stowers.  I will be majorly disappointed if Stowers is sent back and or not played pretty much everyday at the big league level. He "only" put up a .884 OPS last year in AAA and plays this year at 25. It's time to find out whether he translates successfully to the big leagues.
    • With the recent 'caution' being taken with McCann, the most logical is Bemboom in Boston on OD roster or on Taxi Squad as Roch mentioned this morning.  This along with Kolozsvary's move back to the MLB camp for the past couple days (with no playing time), it would appear that Handley and Kolo go to AAA with Handley being primary. Handley catching Rodriquez, Hall and others will be fun to watch. The 50/50 split with Robo/Radar w/ Umps and then Umps calling game with 3 appeals per game of radar will be of interest as the season starts out and progresses.
    • Based strictly on the idea that Frazier is at a point where he isn't magically going to become a better player while Vavra is on the upside of his career. Playing the "wait and see" card is the safe and obvious call here.  But if we're into predicting and pontificating (which is, like, 75%+ of what goes on this site), I think Frazier will make us pine for Rougned Odor.  Same player at a fraction of the cost, plus we didn't ever have to see Rougned Odor in the outfield.  
    • Thanks, Tony.  It’s been super-annoying but I’m glad to hear you’re doing everything you can to address it.  
    • Why are so many people pre-judging that Frazier will be bad?  He’s a 12 WAR career player who had a 4 WAR season in 2021.   Sure he had a bad year in 2022, but it’s not predetermined at all that he’ll be bad this year.    Mind you, I’m not saying I know he won’t be bad.  I’m just saying that we need to wait and see.     
    • Just wanted to update everyone on the 403 error we've all been seeing. This is an issue between our server and our ad provider and trust me when I tell you my frustration over this is at an all-time high as the error has gone from an annoyance to a lack of ability to get to the forums at all. We WILL have this solved before opening day (hopefully before). I have a "nuclear option" that I'm about to enact if I don't get a resolution by this evening.  I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
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