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"It was a matter of timing why I said no to talking about Kenny. I found it absolutely absurd that they would phone the day before the winter meetings to be asking to interview"


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Can the league invoke a penalty for tampering if Reinsdorf or Angelos haven't lodged a formal complaint? Clearly, they both would have to file suit to make it a legal matter.

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Thanks Weams, puts everything together nicely. If DD wants to go to such an environment, so be it. Blue Jays should compensate the O's with something quality and be given a large monetary fine by MLB. In addition the Yanks should also be fined something. I realize "feelers" are sent out in all lines of work, but baseball has procedures that try to maintain a sense of order. This feeler seems more like a colonoscopy. The phrase "right to interview" is ludicrous too. My bet is that DD has been "interviewed" via a proxy and knows the title and salary. I will miss him, but I wouldn't trust him anymore. The hardest thing in this ordeal for me is that Angelos had someone he appeared to trust and leave alone. To find someone like that again will be a task.

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    • Why is everyone so high on this guy anyway? His K rate is still good but it’s been on the decline for the last few years. Walk rate is high, HR is ok but not great.    His ERA was sub 2 in 2023 but he had a 219 BABiP(easily the best of his career), his xFIp was 4.5, his FIP was just under 4 and his xERA was 3.35.  This was his first sub 3 ERA season since 2019.    He’s going to get way overpaid because of a sub 2 ERA this year when in reality, he’s probably a 3.5ish ERA pitcher with some declining stats, although his statcast numbers are pretty solid.
    • They COULD do both.  I wouldn't want to sign Hader to anything more than 4 years.   Gunnar and Holliday could be under contract at relatively low salaries for that time.   
    • Oh, they’ll select someone.  I just don’t think they’ll keep him.  
    • I totally get this, happens to all of us.  Though I don't voice my appreciation enough I love this site for all of the information at our disposal.  Thank you for your expert coverage and creating a community for Oriole fans around the world!  
    • If those signed those 2 guys to a contract today, it would have absolutely zero impact on the payroll this year, next year or 5 years from now.    Those players are already signed for the next several years. They aren’t going anywhere. All the long term extension does is keep them under contract an extra 1-2 years. Thats it.  
    • I don't either.   But I expect Ortiz and Cowser to help the Os this year,  and I don't think Cease is a sure enough of an upgrade to trade them both for him.   In the right deal I'd certainly let them both go as they certainly aren't untouchable.  But I think 2 of our top 6 prospects is too steep a price for Cease.
    • I loved what Wells did in the first half last year.  I loved what he did in the first half of 2022.  I loved what he did in the first half of 2021.  But after three years, here are his career splits: 1st half: 231.2 IP, 3.42 ERA 2nd half: 47.2 IP, 6.61 ERA No matter what role he’s been in, he’s been excellent in the first half and absolutely fallen off a cliff after the all star break, three years in a row.   I’d love to see him prove that he can get through a whole year and remain effective.   But how do you plan for it?  What contingency plan to you have if the same pattern holds for a fourth year in a row?  
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