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Ted Lilly in Legal Trouble


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He's being charged with three counts of felony insurance fraud.

Basically, it sounds like he bought insurance on an RV after he had damaged it; then, filed a claim.

"I can tell you that he's charged with three different felony counts. The first is filing a false insurance claim. The second one is a false statement in support of a claim and the third one has to do with failing to disclose a material fact in connection with an insurance claim," Assistant District Attorney Lee Cunningham said.

The second and third charge sound almost like the same thing. I definitely think this is a crime, but man ... 5 years? Seems like you're almost better off w/ Man Slaughter. :slytf:

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In his major league career, Lilly has earned over $80 Million.

He's in trouble for falsely filing a car insurance claim for $200,000.

Nice going.

Seriously. lol How cheap do you have to be to not just pay for the damages out of pocket? Either you're an intelligent person, you've saved your money and you can afford to pay for it yourself, or you're an idiot, you've blown through the $80 Mil. and you shouldn't be buying a $200k RV in the first place.

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Very old WG here, but, wasn't his fraudulent claim for LESS THAN 5 THOU?

No, the estimate he got to fix it was under 5K.

He then placed a claim as if the RV was totaled.

Remarkable how tech ignorant folks can be. How could he not have realized that the first shop would have a record of the inspection?

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The second and third charge sound almost like the same thing. I definitely think this is a crime, but man ... 5 years? Seems like you're almost better off w/ Man Slaughter. :slytf:

I don't know anything about the statutes involved, but at a guess, I would say the second and third counts are lesser, related charges that are easier to prove and have a lesser penaty. The prosecuter hedges his bet by charging the defendant with the lesser counts, in case they can't make the first charge stick, but if it does, Lilly won't get penalized for the second and third charges, because they are essentially 'included' in the first charge.

And the 5 years is just the maximum penality for the charge--which Lilly almost certainly won't get since this appears to be a first offense. The media is terrible about only reporting what maximum penalites apply, and never explaining what penalty is actually likely under the circumstances.

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