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Fanfest autograph signing advice


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I am going to Fanfest next week. I purchased a Dyland Bundy/Larry Bigbie/Adam Jones autograph voucher.

I enjoy autograph collecting but am not an avid collector. In the past I have mostly just taken balls and gotten them signed, but each and every one I've gotten in the past, including Adam Jones and Matt Wieters, have bled out and gotten fuzzy. The memory is still enjoyable when I look at them (which is the primary concern) but still, it is a little sad when you look at a ball with a blotchy, barely readable autograph on it.

Last year I bought a Jim Palmer autograph voucher and got him to sign a big poster of him that his ex-wife had designed many years ago (I found it in a consignment store in Ellicott City). It is cool, but it is poster sized and now I have a giant Jim Palmer head hanging on my wall. I honestly don't want a giant Dylan Bundy head on my wall.

Aside from a ball, and another giant poster, what is a cool thing to take to an autograph session? All have been able to think of are bats, which I might do, or baseball cards, and I don't even know where I would get a Dylan Bundy baseball card.

Any advice on something cool and smaller-than-poster sized to take?

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I know that I've seen booths selling memorabilia (like pictures ) that you could have signed, and baseballs inside the autograph plastic display boxes, and hats. I don't remember seeing anything else aside from game worn bats and jerseys that tend to sell out fast.

I know in my situation, the doors open at 11:00 A.M., it usually takes 5 to 10 min for everyone to get in and to drop of your clothes with the coat check people, and then the first round of autographs starts at 11:20 A.M., giving the concerned autograph seeker 10 whole minutes to find his line and get in it.

That is not a lot of time for shopping. Also, there are times players have other commitments, and so that can't make it though the who hour session. So, if you're near the last bit of the hour, you may see your guy get up and leave before you get to him

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I personally love the Orioles mini helmets. They had them for sale there and they were like $15 each. You could also go to www.photofile.com I believe they are in NY so if you ordered today you have a good chance of having them in time for Fan Fest.

Below is my Dylan Bundy mini helmet that I got signed last year and also a picture of Manny signing one as well.



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Also if you wanted baseballs signed you need to get the Rawlings Official Major league baseballs signed in a ballpoint pen. These balls are the ones that they actually use on the field and cost about $15-20 a ball at a retail setting. If you get anything but those you are playing with fire of them getting ruined overtime. Typically the only bad thing if you keep out of direct sunlight that happens to official major league baseballs is they turn yellow overtime. A sharpie signed ball will look like crap overtime.

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