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Dan's done a good job of changing the subject


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    • Particularly impressed by Coulombe last night. Not only did he strike out the side, it was all against RH batters thanks to the pinch hitting they did. They looked pretty much helpless against him. 
    • He did a good job of pitching to Conforto without giving him a pitch to hit, unlike the Judge walkoff. In this case the tying run was on second with an open base, whereas Judge was the tying run at the plate, but the situations were similar and Bautista/Adley handled it much better. 
    • Yes last night really underscored the importance of even a 6 inning start. Makes BP management a lot easier!  And more effective. 
    • That’s the worst you got?  I’m in the car listening to the bullpen game, Perez in with a 2-run lead and a runner on.   “There’s a line drive that hits the top of the wall!   (Pause, during which I’m wondering where the runners are following this hit.) ….That’s Naylor’s 8th home run of the year and the score is tied at 5-5.”   WTF?  I literally started screaming in the car.   It’s aggravating enough that Perez gave up that homer, without Melanie misleading me into thinking he hadn’t.  It was so bad that I turned the game off at that point.  
    • Yeah, I hadn't seen those orange Giants jerseys before. Seems like orange should be an O's thing. I found it irksome as well. 
    • I agree it’s harder than it looks for sure. If nothing else Melanie proves that because as you’ve stated, in other aspects of the job she’s perfectly fine.    Kevin Brown, to me, has a great feel for the drama of each individual at bat, pitch, game when needed. Yes he has his goofy moments, but when the chips are down in a big spot, he treats the situation with the correct amount of gravitas, as well as excitement if it’s the Os doing something good. (Obvious exception is during the innings where they are doing a booth interview). His calls of big plays these last couple years are memorable, whether it’s a play at the plate, big HR, huge Mullins catch, big strikeout, etc. He also talks about each at bat pitch by pitch, speculating about what the pitcher is going to do, and leading the analyst to give his thoughts (particularly good paired with Ben for this - in fact a lot of Ben’s improvement is down to working with Kevin). He’s really good and I think maybe a little under appreciated here. There’s a reason he’s getting National work, even if it’s on lower profile games/sports for now   Melanie just sounds like she’s chatting with friends in her seat at the game, with the game itself secondary to whatever she’s talking about. Zero feel for the drama of a big moment. Zero feel for any moment that doesn’t involve Jim Palmer and pancakes. 
    • Just to pile on here, so grateful for that OH poster's tip to switch to the synchronized radio feed for audio alongside the video feed in the MLB.TV app! Refreshing to hear the radio PBP which I haven't experienced much since my transistor-radio youth. 
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