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MLBReports: The Most Underrated Statistic - Extra Base Hits (XBH)


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One of the stats that can gauge any era since the beginning of baseball is Extra Base Hits. Before the fences were brought in (or even put up), Doubles and Triples could be hit at any time. Singles are great in the game too. There have been several great baseball players that are singles hitters, that also compiled a bunch of Doubles and Triples. That is why this statistic is fairest to all of the hitters in the history of the game and the most comparable. Like the old saying, (hit?em where they ain?t), players that can hit the baseball into the open areas of the outfield are special. Babe Ruth re-coined the phrase later when he said ?Well they ain?t over the fence, so that?s where I hit them!? The Bambino was right. In the course of this article, we will list the top active list for this category ? and some underrated hitters that may stack up nicely against historical hitters.
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Hmmmm. Interesting list? I just don't understand how this author is calling xbh underrated. I don't think they are underrated at all. It is slugging pctretty much. Which is very appreciated. It's not the king ( obp), but it's much appreciated. Also, if something is underrated, wouldn't you expect a list that surprises you? This list is a common list of great all time players. No one in the top 15 is really a shock. Maybe the exact order, but not overall. I just think that this is rubbish due to the fact it's citing underrated, but it's not underrated.

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