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Spring Training Thread (Please Post Photos and Video Here)


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I hear what you're saying about a quiet Winter, but truly we didn't have many holes to fill. The only real questions heading into the Spring is...

Last bullpen arm to replace Miller.

Who plays left and right.

Assuming Manny and Wieters are healthy and able to begin the season on the roster, here's what we have. The starting rotation is set. The infield is set. Center and Catcher are set. Most of the bullpen is set. Joseph and Flaherty are givens. There really aren't many battles to follow this Spring. I can't wait for games.

I think the questions are:

1. How do six pitches fill five slots? Will there be injuries? Bad performance? A Trade?

2. How many bullpen guys are needed to change a lightbulb? Seriously, who stays?

3. Do we keep the Rule V guys? How? Will it hurt the team?

4. How will the LF, RF, DH roles work out? DeAza, Snider, Young, Pearce, etc...

5. Are Matt and Manny back to full strength?

6. Will the starting pitchers repeat last year's performance?

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Spring training means spring is around the corner and all the ice and snow that won't leave my yard will finally be gone. It means the smell of cut grass, cooking outdoors, and brighter evenings.

It means that I can count on turning on the tube every night and seeing the best sport ever invented. The ultimate one on one battle...pitcher vs. hitter.

So ready for baseball.

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