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A Baseball Card That Never Was


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I own this card ...... very similar, but it includes Bauer.



I used to own that card, too.

In fact, when I first saw that card when I was 11 and-a-half years-old, it is when I first realized that Hank Bauer was the manager of the 1966 team. I knew that Bauer was a star player for the Yankees from the late 40's through the late 50's when they won a bunch of Pennants and World Series, but I had not known that he managed the 1966 Orioles.

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I have that card too! Got it from a single pack as a kid and also got Mickey Mantle card either in the same pack or around that time. Still have it too. Back then getting a Mantle card was like hitting the lottery as a kid, and almost the same with Willie Mays!

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