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Wieters Full Time DH?


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Why wouldn't you believe he can?

82 games and 9 home runs.

Getting 6 more out of more games, isn't that unrealistic.

The kid has some pop in his bat.

If you pull his 5-game hot streak in early August out of his stats, his numbers otherwise read .186, 4 homers. Even WITH his good week, his OBP was .264. He's 28, and only got called up by circumstance - not because he was actually knocking on the door.

With his defense, he'd make a decent backup catcher. That's all. It's his ceiling on any team that wants to compete longterm.

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Thank you! :) I haven't gone anywhere, but the incessant talk of the Blue Jays stealing Duquette and the wailing and gnashing of teeth about not signing all the free agents got tiresome.
You are not alone in those feelings.
Can you blame him?

No, I did the same thing for most of October/November 2013. But Drungo's return, in addition to being a good thing in and of itself, is like seeing a robin in your front yard. It means spring is around the corner, even if it's not actually here yet. And it's actually time to focus on the upcoming season.

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    • 1. Everybody is trade bait.  He’d need to be the 2nd or 3rd piece of a package to get anyone notable.   2. No.  He’s only in AA. 3. 8th round, 2022, $197,400 bonus, U. of Michigan. Weston missed the first two months of 2023 and after a brief FCL rehab, threw 40.1 innings at a 2.68 ERA at Aberdeen last year.   He began this year repeating Aberdeen and had an 0.54 ERA in 16.2 IP in 4 appearances before being promoted to Bowie.  In AA, he’s had 14 appearances (7 starts, others long relief) covering 52.0 innings and is now carrying a 2.94 ERA, 1.019 WHIP, 10.4 K/9, 4.3 K/BB.  In 10 of his 14 outings, he’s allowed 0 or 1 run.   @Tony-OHgave a brief rundown of his stuff above in this thread, but hasn’t weighed in on him much other than to rank him no. 19 in his latest prospect power rankings.    
    • Collazo from BA. Additionally, Collazo is intrigued by 16th-round pick and outfielder Nate George out of Minooka Community High School in Illinois. “I’m not positive he’ll sign. High school players in [Rounds] 16 to 20, you never really know,” Collazo said. “But Nate George is like this elite athlete. He ran track in high school. The toolset is really, really exciting.”
    • Carlos Collazo from BA wrote about Honeycutt. “If he hits, he’s going to be a superstar. If he doesn’t hit, I still think he can be a valuable player,” Baseball America‘s Carlos Collazo said on Glenn Clark Radio July 17. “… There’s bust risk here, but it’s also a high-upside pick that you kind of have to take a little bit of that risk to access the tools at pick 22.” Honeycutt, listed at 6-foot-3 and 205 pounds, has the best tools in the draft class along with No. 9 overall pick Konnor Griffin, Collazo said. Honeycutt’s arm strength, speed and raw power could have made him a top-10 pick, especially considering that Collazo called him the best defensive center fielder in the class. However, his 26.3% career strikeout rate is the highest of any player drafted out of a four-year university in the top 30 in MLB history, according to Baseball America. Scouts were alarmed, and Honeycutt fell into the 20s as a result. The Orioles, known for their ability to develop hitters, believe they can fix him, though. “I think for Vance, specifically, the Orioles [are] a pretty great organizational fit,” Collazo said, “just given their track record of improving a lot of hitters in their system. I don’t think I could name maybe five other teams that would be a better fit in terms of my belief in them figuring out the hit tool.” However, with the Orioles selecting outfielders with their first two draft picks last year, many wonder why they did not target a pitcher in the first round. But with No. 15 overall pick Jurrangelo Cijntje and No. 20 overall pick Trey Yesavage off the board, Collazo said a pitcher would have been a reach. “Vance Honeycutt was the best player available for the Orioles when they were picking,” he said. “I don’t think that, regardless of your organizational strengths and weaknesses, especially in the first round, it’s worth just pivoting off the best player just to take a profile that you have less of, because, again, trades exist. … I think just collecting as much talent as possible is always a successful strategy.”
    • Carlos Collazo from BA. Listed at 6-foot and 175 pounds, Overn is a similar player to Honeycutt and one of the best athletes in the class. He had a tough spring at USC, batting .270 with eight home runs, but looked like a completely different player in the Cape Cod Baseball League, which made him one of the highest risers in the draft, Collazo said. Overn was a wide receiver on the 2022 USC football team as well.
    • Half expecting Gunnar to get the day off Sunday, at least to start. He's 0-6 with 5 strike outs against Heaney. 
    • I’m sure Red Sox ownership and GM couldn’t be happier. It’s like the major league movie over there.  
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