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Wieters Full Time DH?


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Why wouldn't you believe he can?

82 games and 9 home runs.

Getting 6 more out of more games, isn't that unrealistic.

The kid has some pop in his bat.

If you pull his 5-game hot streak in early August out of his stats, his numbers otherwise read .186, 4 homers. Even WITH his good week, his OBP was .264. He's 28, and only got called up by circumstance - not because he was actually knocking on the door.

With his defense, he'd make a decent backup catcher. That's all. It's his ceiling on any team that wants to compete longterm.

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Thank you! :) I haven't gone anywhere, but the incessant talk of the Blue Jays stealing Duquette and the wailing and gnashing of teeth about not signing all the free agents got tiresome.
You are not alone in those feelings.
Can you blame him?

No, I did the same thing for most of October/November 2013. But Drungo's return, in addition to being a good thing in and of itself, is like seeing a robin in your front yard. It means spring is around the corner, even if it's not actually here yet. And it's actually time to focus on the upcoming season.

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