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Jeffrey Maier Glove Sold At Auction for $22,705


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It would be nice if we could get Tony Tarasco to come light it on fire.

There was a time when one bullied kid (bullied by Jeffrey Maier himself) had the chance to get Tarasco to beat Maier's ass.

No joke.

Read the story from beginning to end. I promise you that you'll like it.

The Second Time They Met, Jeffrey Maier Didn't Dare Mess With Tony Tarasco

(By Benjamin Contillo)


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Just a heads-up for anyone interested in throwing their money away on a piece of baseball "memorabilia" that I think most on this forum would probably like to see burned.

This item is none other then Jeffrey Maier's baseball glove.

I'm uncertain which is more nauseating - someone paying 13K for the tool that created the pivotal Jeter homerun in the '96 ALCS - or the actual event itself.


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