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WNST Drew blogs about the Hangout


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I love how he says we can't be objective, when neither can he.

But in that point, he does have a point, but he has to realize that it goes both ways here. He's paid to not be objective, I know I realize that, and most probably realize that.

I could agree with that Wedge. I don't think there's much objectivity on either side.

As much as I like Drew, I find it a little tough to believe they are trying to be objective when Nestor is writing a book about himself as they were planning Free the Birds.

The same thing goes here. I don't find many posters who I think are objective and can hear another one's argument and make a decision based on its merits. That is, when it comes to negative press about the Orioles. But what would you expect, it's a fan website dedicated to the team.

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I'm someone who approved of the walk out and has never listened to WNST.

The blog entry seemed very reasonable. Can someone tell me why the O's shouldn't attempt to work something out with the station?

Here's the question...is it working something out with the station, or with Drew?

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I don't think I understand the implication, are you saying this is personal and Drew's only worried about winning his battle? From what he said it seemed clear he was talking about the station.

I wasn't intending to implicate anything, however, its been noted that other representatives of WNST are given credentials ,etc and so forth. So do the Orioles have to work something out with the entire station really? Or with the several personalities they have red flagged as "undesirable," which yes, include Drew?

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Well I read it and I thought it was pretty good, keep in mind I like Drew Forrester.

When I look at their plight with the station I kinda find it hard to believe it's strictly money driven. Sure they probably tried/are trying to make a few bucks of it, they are a business.

But I think they are coming a little more from the heart. They're not dumb people over there. Nestor bought the station with some knowledgable investors.

It would have to be somewhat calculated to decide to exonerate the Orioles in a two sports town. Taking the chance to perpetuate the voice of the fan, they made a decision that they are going to hold the O's feet to the fire until they turn things around. WNST set that bar, whatever it might be.

Their business is one that ultimately will depend upon the success of the teams in Baltimore. If the O's remain the joke that they currently are, then it can't be good for WNST.

As much as some here say that no one pays attention to them and they are insigifnicant, they might be true in some respect. But fans have stopped going to games and have supported the team from afar. Apathy rules Camden Yards in the summer. I think more fans identify with Drew and Nestor than some here would like to believe. It's those of us here at the Hangout that are probably in the minority.

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