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vs. RAYS, 3/05 (Game One)


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    • OMG--I missed that one; it must have bounced off the top of my head! Yeah, I've got worse than "gets the side"--I just couldn't run the tape to confirm the exact wording. There's the chopped ground ball that she says the batter "bloops"--to an infielder. And the bloopers that are infield pop-ups. I remember that when some of us first started complaining about Newman last year there were some suggestions that we just couldn't deal with a woman doing PBP. But that's not it at all: I'm fine with Suzyn Waldman's Yankee games here in NY and I enjoyed Heidi Watney's work with the Red Sox. I must confess though that Hunter with Palmer was almost as unlistenable. Like our late ScOtt of the Game of Threads, I found both Hunter's hyperbole and Pancakes' endless antagonism toward him to be very annoying and distracting as well. Gary Thorne is often mentioned as being sorely missed, but Manfra and Angel were fine, too.
    • I think they said that Bautista throws the 7th lowest percentage of pitches in the strike zone of any pitcher in MLB.  But they’re close enough that batters can’t lay off.
    • I'll take that over Brown's continuous schilling for "the splash zone".
    • I don't think that is the way Elias develops prospects.   He like to see them play well at a level for  at least 200 PAs.   There is a reason for that.   Over that time the league will adjust to him and the player will have to adjust back.   200 PAs gives time for this to happen several times.   If he is still doing well at 200 PAs he is promoted. Holliday has 134 PA at A+ ball.  He probably does not reach 200 PAs until late June.  If he is doing well at that time he will be promoted.   Then he has to do well for 200 PAs at AA.  That takes him until late August.    And then the season runs out at AAA before he can get to  promoted to the majors.  And that does not account for any injuries or fatigue for the 19 year old.   He has never play 150 games before. While this is JMO.   Its is what I have been seeing Elias do.    
    • I still hate the Hicks signing. Really hope he is a placeholder for Cowser or even Haskin. I really like O'Hearn. I would like to see more. If he hits, keep riding it. If not, hopefully lights a fire under Mountcastle 
    • I'm putting you, Melanie and Palmer in the booth together.  The game will never be mentioned.
    • If they were looking to shoehorn in City Connect jerseys with completely alternate color schemes... this would have and should have been your series, MLB.  🤦‍♂️
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