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2015 New York Yankees


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As I've stated before, I think that it would be a great move for Dan Duquette to convince Peter Angelos to try to lure Jeter out of retirement with an offer of $15 Million ...... to play for the Yankees.

Will be interesting to see how Didi "Nervous" Gregorius does in NY.

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The Yankees season is built on the fragile arms of Tanaka and Pineda. If they stay healthy and produce all season, they'll be in it. If both go down, they'll be under .500.

Pedro Martinez says that Tannka is really hurt.

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Tanaka's saying he won't have as much velocity as last year. My guess is he won't be as effective, either.

But it's by choice.

He is choosing to be at the Gas 'n' Sip on a Saturday night.

I don't blame him if he shelved the four seam fastball, I haven't look at any stats but from what I saw it was his worst pitch.

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They brought in Betences in the eighth trailing. And Miller closed. Not sure if this is how they'll primarily set up or if Girardi wanted to make sure Betences got in.

I'd heard that Girardi was thinking of using matchups in the late innings instead of having one set closer. If so, that's a surprisingly forward-thinking move for Girardi. But we'll see if he actually goes through with it.

Also, Betances was pretty unimpressive during spring training-- his velocity was down from last year and he didn't seem to know why. He didn't look too good last night, either (a hit, two walks, no strikeouts, and an unearned run).

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