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15 Predictions For The Orioles' 2015 Season


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You think Toronto will bother again? They know the price.

I think they'll at least come sniffing around again.

Who knows, maybe the Orioles' demands will be lower, because

1) Duquette will have one fewer year remaining on his contract, and

2) the O's might be more amenable to talking to the Blue Jays at the beginning of the offseason rather than smack dab in the middle.

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It depends on how quickly the issue gets resolved. If the Duquette issue is resolved one way or the other very early in the offseason (like right after the World Series), then the O's should have time to do what they need to do during the offseason. That assumes that either Duquette stays or they find his replacement quickly.

Yea my worry is that it won't get resolved quickly.

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