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    • In my experience, it typically takes 6-8 weeks before significant roster moves occur, except in case of injury.  And there are sound reasons for that.  Players need to play without worrying that one bad week or two won’t affect their status.  I’ve watched for years as fans called for this player or that to be replaced based on a cold start, and it never happens as fast as some fans want.   So now we come to Frazier, in whom the O’s invested $8 mm.   The guy is a respected veteran with a track record.  He is not going to lose playing time if he has a slow 17 days.  Do I think he’ll get as long a leash as Odor?   $8 mm vs. $700 k would say yes, but I don’t necessarily think so, because the alternatives are further along in their development.   But, I don’t want to get ahead of myself, because I’m expecting Frazier to play significantly better than Odor did last year.  So, we’ll just have to see. Elias did address Westburg specifically yesterday: “He’s really close,” Elias said. “He’s had 400 plate appearances in Triple-A, he’s had this really good spring training now under his belt. He continues to open eyes. When we’ve viewed our big-time prospects to be ready  - Adley, Gunnar - we bring them up, and so far they’ve done pretty well, and a big part of it is because I feel like we know what we’re doing with these promotions. We want guys of this caliber to come up and stay up. “I don’t like sending guys up and back. We’ve had to do it with DL Hall just because of some circumstances with his health and his innings and all that stuff. But I want these guys to come up and stay, and I expect that’s going to be the case for Westburg, I expect that it’s going to be soon, and I expect he’s going to do really well. But I feel like we have a systematic way of assessing when these guys are ready to come up and impact the team and be there to stay. We’ll let the track record kind of speak to that.” https://www.masnsports.com/blog/rodriguez-lester-o-hearn-cordero-and-westburg-among-orioles-camp-cuts So, we’ll see what they do, but I’m guessing 6-8 weeks before we see Westburg, unless there are injuries or trades.   And how much he plays once he’s up remains to be seen.    
    • "Will get him back ASAP". If all the SP are healthy and pitch well, though, how do they make it work? The only thing I can think of is another bullpen injury could tempt them to move Wells to the 'pen. But I think they kind of view Wells in a similar way to Rodriguez and Hall - a good young starter who they'd rather not put in the bullpen.  There's going to have to be a few things that go wrong on the ML team for Grayson to actually get the call. 
    • Bro, he's not paying 8 mill to Frazier to flush down the toilet.  It's just not going to happen.  
    • The Braves have a pretty slick site ready regarding the details of their City Connect: https://www.mlb.com/braves/fans/city-connect As far as when dem O's will sport theirs...according to Uni-Watch:  
    • I think regardless of track record (rookie or veteran) all spring traing numbers should be taken with a giant grain of salt. For pitchers, the underlying things like velocity, etc. are much more important to me than the conventional stats. The only thing that really concerned me about Rodriguez's spring were his walks. Like I said in another post, I'm not up in arms about them demoting him, but I'm also not sure it was the right move either. 
    • If they made a trade with the Colts I’d want Minshew to be part of it 
    • I’m pretty sure you have made your point. While I hope you are you’re correct, playing Odor, Nevin, Aguilar and Phillips last year over Stowers and Vavra tells me otherwise. If they would have played those two last year, we would have a way better idea of the kind of players they will be before the next wave of prospects came up. 
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