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Chris Tillman Today 2015

Il BuonO

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He has been slowly getting better as the season progressed, but he certainly put it together last night. His changeup was absolutely filthy last night after being terrible most of the season. I thought he had been tipping it, but it was clear last night that the Tigers didn't know it was coming. I wonder if they found something and fixed it because the amount of flailing at it last night was borderline comical.

The curve and fastball command was also better although the command for both has been coming along for several starts now.

The guy I saw last night was in complete control. He had no hit stuff. To do that against the Tigers was very impressive.

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Yes to all of this.

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Tillman's ERA is below 5 for the first time since his first start of the season, on April 6th.


Steven Souza, Jr. - RF

John Jaso - DH

Evan Longoria - 3B

James Loney - 1B

Tim Beckham - SS

David DeJesus - LF

Jake Elmore - 2B

Kevin Kiermaier - CF

Rene Rivera - C

Christopher Alan Archer - RHP (9-7, 2.73 ERA)

7-plus innings, 1 run.

2 hits, 3 walks.

For the 2nd consecutive game, Tillman was pitching with the slimmest of margins (a 1-0 lead.)

Was at only 85 pitches after 7 innings.

After a 7-pitch walk to start the 8th, Bucky took him out for Darren O'Day.


It was Tillman's 5th consecutive game in which he allowed 2 or fewer runs.

He still has not lost a game since May 31st.

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Palmer says he has made an adjustment on the mound. He now can pitch in and it is working.Im terribly disappointed we didn't win this game tonight.He deserved the win, but we aren't going anywhere anyway.
At least it was a nice outing for Tilly. Good command of all of his pitches. I wonder if Buck should have left him in after the lead off walk. The problem with bringing in a reliever, even an All Star like Darren O'Day, is that you just don't know if he'll have a bad day. Even All Stars have bad days once in a while. This was the day for O'Day's bad day (any puns unintended).
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That's a good theory, especially when you consider his crazy splits vs Toronto and the rest of the league. Toronto may have something on him that they are not sharing with other teams. In which case, if no one in the Orioles organization can figure it out, it would be foolish to start him again vs Toronto.

Tilma's ERA this season in games not vs the Jays is just under 3.00 for the season.

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Nick Markakis - DH

Cameron Maybin - CF

Freddie Freeman - 1B

Adonis Garcia - LF

Anthony John Pierzynski - C

Andrelton Simmons - SS

Jace Peterson - 2B

Eury Perez - RF

Daniel Castro - 3B

Michael Gary Foltynewicz - RHP (3-2, 5.27 ERA)

8.67 innings of shutout ball.

0 walks.

4 hits (3 singles and 1 double.)

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    • He threw that fastball right down the shoot on a 1-2 count. That was not a case of Trout being Trout. It was a case of horrible location. I have to believe that it was not his intention to throw it there after he watched us beat Trout several times the night before with hard stuff up in the zone (Trout's only weakness). Maybe the extra day messed up something with Rodriguez's ability to execute? Maybe he just had a bad night? But this was not the case of the Angels being good. It was Grayson who was really bad.
    • But, but they lost. They absorbed a loss. 
    • That’s probably true and Elias said he also didn’t want to call him up if he wasn’t ready to be an everyday player.   So ………. something to keep an eye on.
    • Yea he has looked bad but while it’s fair to point that out, it’s also fair to point that some of this could be attributed to rust, an injury, not having a real ST, not playing in the field as much (I assume since he’s not catching?), etc…I think his timing is likely off and he’s working himself back into things. He has played 15 games. He has a multi hit game in 1/3 of his game so far. You point out all the Ks…what’s funny is all the Ks came in 5 games and he hasn’t struck out the last 4. To me the only thing that bothers me as of right now is the zero walks but it’s not something that would concern me long term.
    • This indicates that his timing is off. And as many have already mentioned, he is pulling off the ball. This probably due to his lower confidence (because he has been scuffling) and not trusting himself enough to stay back and go with the pitch. This will get corrected in due time.
    • That's fine we each are entitled to our opinions.  I think we both want the same thing, which is for Holliday to get it going. As to how he get's there, we will have to see how it plays out.
    • Maybe not so good that his front hip is almost in the first base dugout and he has to get fully extended just to reach a ball on the outside corner.
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