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1st week Bottom line - Not good enough


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3-3 record at the end for a week. Not good enough for a playoff contender. Probably one game behind the Jays and Red Sox.

O's have to do better.

Offense: Good

31 runs in 6 games. 5.2 runs per game. I will sign up for that for the year.

Pitching: Poor

4.75 runs allowed per game will not be good enough.

Did well in 3 games allowing a total of 5 runs. In the other 3 allowed 5, 12 and 10. Just too many.

Starter - 4.91 ERA. Poor

Tillman, Gonzalez and Jimenez did well.

Tillman, Norris and Chen did poorly. O's need one of these guys to do better.

Pen 4.56 ERA Poor

Hunter, Matusz, Garcia and Britton did well

Brach - allowed runs is all four of him outings

Gausman - allowed runs in both his outings

O'Day - allowed a two run homer hurting the O's come back

W Wright didn't pitch well and ended up on the DL

O's need better from these guys

Defense Poor

Many, many great plays but Buck has high standards and allowing 4 unearned runs is not how this team gets to the playoffs.

Snider has to do better to keep his outfield job. He will get more chances.

Winning is the measure that counts. O's needed to be 4-2 and end up 3-3. They need to improve to be playoff contenders.

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Dude take it easy. Last year they were 500 through June 1.
This is the point. It's all about pitching, it takes about two months for the SP to settle in to what it is. That's what Earl always said. That's when you make assessments about what you might need to add. One week? Ridiculous.
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Yep. It's all about the pitching, mainly the starting pitching.

Exactly. I am not saying that Dan and Buck would make changes off one weeks performance but it is the pitching and defense that needs to improve to make this a playoff team.

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The only thing I am actually concerned about so far is Bud Norris. Chen and Tillman had poor outings but at least they looked good at times. Didn't watch the whole game but from what I heard, Norris looked pretty bad, this on top of consistently looking bad in the Spring.

Overall I'd say I feel a bit better a week into the season than I did on Opening Day, actually. In the tiny smidgeon of a way that a week of April baseball can change the outlook of a team, which is a very tiny smidgeon. But the positive signs from Jimenez, Snider, and Schoop are encouraging hints.

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Everything always balances out in baseball eventually, and its incredibly tough to keep on outpitching the peripherals like the O's did last year. Outside of Ubaldo, these guys aren't looking very impressive so far. We really need to hope they can get it working because if not, its going to be a long season.

Offense is fine though, I just hope Manny can start hitting.

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There is nothing wrong with the defense.

I don't think the unearned runs allowed last week is a good measure of the defense. Three of them came on one play. That probably won't happen again for another five years. Just one of those things.

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There is nothing wrong with the defense.

There might be if you subscribe to the theory that each moment in a baseball game is fully representative of a team's long-term talents and abilities. Of course that's total nonsense, but it's also at the root of most April analysis of baseball teams.

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I am concerned about Norris and O'Day, at this point. O'Day, it seems to me, dropped off in the last 3rd of last season and has not started out well. Norris had a poor spring and it has carried over into the regular season. Unfortunately, the same can be said for Gausman - what is up with that?

If Snider breaks in on that ball with the bases empty, no one cares. At worst, the Jays score one run that inning, not four. Tillman's walking of the bases loaded set Snider up for failure on that play. Other than that, the defense has been excellent.

Finally, I hope Schoop is better soon because Flaherty is not a major league hitter. Having him and any of our catchers in the #8 and #9 positions creates a black hole in the lineup.

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    • That’s a lot cheaper than the alternatives.  Matz has kind of been up and down and has never been an innings eater.   He finished real strong his last six starts but a lat strain ended his season.  In some ways he has Oriole written all over him.   The fact that he’s 32 and his career high in IP is 160 makes me question if he really is their kind of guy.
    • If the team decided that Wells had just reached his innings limit and we just shut him down last year then I think the opinion of Wells’ 2023 season as a SP would be much different.  We need a SP and a high leverage reliever for next year. What role is Wells in 2023?  What’s best for Wells and the team long term?  Is this decision going to be about Wells, or more based on what FA takes our offer?  Whether that be a reliever or SP. People just write off Wells as a #5, but at the ASB you could make an argument for Wells, or Bradish, as who was our best SP. Wells was leading the AL in WHIP. Wells showed last year that he can be at least a #3 type of SP. Everyone has known since we took him in the Rule 5 draft that it was going to take some time to build him up to even 150-160 IP. Ok, so big deal… that didn’t happen in year two, and his first year starting full time. I don’t think the org just gives up on him as a SP like a lot have. I think he could be an All Star Closer. He would be our 3rd closer in a row to do that. That’s a very valuable role for us. But give me the SP that only gave up more than 3 ER three times in his first 18 starts. 
    • Matz is owed 2yr/$25 million. There’s no way that we’re paying that let alone trading for it. Trading isn’t a bad idea and I think it’s on the table for us if need be. 
    • Mathematically this makes no sense. Holiday is under team controls for at least 6 years and probably more because he hasn't played a single At Bat in the Majors yet.  So if you get 3 years of league minimum vs the $10M AAV, that's $27,840,000 MORE we are paying him in those 3 years. Let's add another $5M (assuming a $5M salary) in year4 / Arb1. Then another $3M (assuming a $7M salary) in year 5 Arb2.  Then let's assume he hits payday and gets $15M arbitration bucks in year 6. Subtract $5. Assuming the next 2 years would be free agent money of $25 per, we can Subtract $30M.   I was being generous with the arbitration guesses. And even then, the net result is that you're paying nearly an extra million dollars that you didn't have to, assuming all goes according to plan and he can play out the length of entire contract healthy. And assuming he's good. 
    • For me personally - this is my only source of information on the minor leagues and international players.   The reports and first hand accounts from posters and contributors on this board are a godsend for me.   I don't live anywhere near Baltimore, or the east coast for that matter, so I love to hear about the farm system.   This board is awesome.  Thanks to all who contribute and put me in my place when I'm wrong. 
    • I thoroughly enjoyed the too 30, especially the international players that are hard to get information on. I appreciate the hard work. 
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