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Cubs have injuries and promotes others and not Bryant

Redskins Rick

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He will be up soon enough. And then my fantasy plan will work as I picked him up when someone dropped him because he was sent to the minors and me thinking he would be up soon anyway.

He has long been gone in my league, probably the same reason.

My own league, hard holding a roster spot for a nonactive player.

Only get 5 slots.

Backup SP, Backup RP and a Backup Catcher, and then two bench slots, which I try and fill up with guys like Pearce who can play more than one position. And I am trying to hold onto Hardy.

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Exactly, Theo is a sharp guy and Bryant needs to improve his defense. Last I heard they were trying him in LF.

I don't think he has ever played a minor league game anywhere but 3B. He played a splash of LF in spring training.

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