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Once again, OPACY is one of the best...with craft beer selections

Dr. Unk

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Nice. I don't usually look, where do you find all of the craft brews? The wife and I usually just drink the Summer Shandy tall boys all game.

I usually just get "cheap" beer at the stadium, but I've seen the better ones scattered about. I know Sam Adams was on Eutaw St.

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According to one of OPACY's best known beer men there is still nothing that can touch Natty Boh at The Yard.

"In Washington; the IPA, the Shandy, the Heineken, those beers sell like crazy. In Baltimore the #1 beer is Natty Boh and that tells you about everything you need to know."


This is a great story as well if you haven't seen it.

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    • Side note on Stowers, did someone give him a lifetime supply of Wheaties this year?  His sprint speed went from 27.0 fps in 2022 to 28.4 this year.  I used to wonder if he'd have the range for left field at OPACY but he's kind of gone crazy with the speed training.  He's not the first guy to take a leap on sprint speed so i kind of wonder if the O's are emphasizing this more.
    • He's about 1.5 years younger than Dean Kremer, and got his college start with the same San Joaquin Delta Mustangs, but Kremer was a couple years before him there. He is the undisputed minor leagues reliever Wins vulture this decade.
    • If the Orioles play the Dodgers in the WS I don't care how much that ticket is, I'm going.
    • We should've won it all in 2014!  We just couldn't get the big hits!
    • The pitching has been really good. I know we are all basically nervous about the bullpen, the effect of losing Bradish, etc, but man the pitching so far has been outstanding. The offense is great but less surprising to me. 
    • I'm glad for Manny that Cease is helping SDP stay in the mix, and rooting for them to get their shot at the Dodgers in the 5-game format. It is just a baseball barstool debate, but would you give Corbin Burnes to get Dylan Cease this week? If it goes bad, Seidler's successors fire Preller and introduce austerity measures for the partners, I still see Dylan Cease as a strong consider to be Burnes' successor on the 2025 Orioles owing to that sweet, sweet 1-year term. One of the better baseball geek observations I've heard about the Padres is they have a poor understanding of what makes a fastball good apart from velocity, and were he acquired I'd have some hope BAL could get a little better overall production out of him than CHW-SDP have.
    • Interesting tid-bit.  I was watching a Jomboy video this evening (Three Things).  He was reading a Redit post by a guy  that identified 5 1-tool players in MLB (they have one tool that is well above average and the other 4 below average).  That's not the interesting point.  In the comments to the Redit post, the same guy lists the 9 5-tool players in the league.   Henderson and Cowser were both identified as 5-tool players.   I found that interesting.   I wonder how Westburg stacks up to Cowser, because I would guess his hit tool is better?
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