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Buck on Jordan Baker


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Who was that masked man behind the plate last night? Not the catcher. Not the Lone Ranger. Looked like a pretend ump to me. Must have been cause I did not see him around today.
This is a pretty strong statement as to how the MLB viewed that call.
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You are very wrong if you think Ubaldo was throwing at anyone. It was an inexperienced umpire's overreach. Period. There was a reason he was not allowed to umpire today.
There was no reason for Ubaldo to throw deliberately at Sandoval. No one can read his mind (unless someone has powers that I don't know about). He was pitching a no hitter, there were 2 outs and the team was leading 1-0. There is no way that Ubaldo would want to deliberately put anyone on base. In the post-game interview, Ubaldo said that his command wasn't completely there. I know that he's been working on his command, and it's far improved. But he knows that it's not always going to be there.
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It was also the third game in a row that Sandoval had been hit by a pitch. Were they all intentional, or does he crowd the plate and not make much effort to get out of the way?

Heck that is easy to answer, since the Orioles aren't known to throw intentionally at batters.

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    • They could use the Trajekt pitching machine in the game for pitches 21 onwards!     The human pitcher stands next to his robotic counterpart for fielding. October miracle watch - in 2023 Liam Hendriks had his TJ 2 months and 7 days before Felix, and is throwing bullpens now.    He could be a factor for the Red Sox if they make the tournament. The 2024 World Series begins about 12.5 months after Felix's procedure.    12.5 months from Hendriks' procedure is about August 17th.
    • Fangraphs also does farm system rankings, which are now up to date pre-draft, based on the FV grades and a dollar value assigned to the FV tiers. It’s also a handy table to compare what systems are strong in the middle of the pack vs top heavy.  https://www.fangraphs.com/prospects/farm-system-rankings The Orioles are still #1, but that is carried in large part by the huge value assigned to Holliday as a 70 FV hitter. However, if they graduated Holliday, they’d still be about tied with Boston as #4.  I haven’t done the math, but just looking at that table - if you took out every team’s top 4 prospects, the Orioles would fall behind some systems but still be near the top. They don’t have a large number of 50/45+/45 FV guys, which I think prompts this sentiment that the system is weaker, but it’s still strong in 40+/40/35+. And if you look at the actual values assigned for the FV tiers, IMO the 50/45+/45 tiers (ie, back end and borderline top 100 prospects) tend to be overvalued in public perception relative to what the numbers bear out. The really elite 70/65/60/55 prospects have a ton of value, and then beyond that having a bulk of prospects matters more. It’s true that the Orioles’ best prospects are already at the MLB or AAA level, with only Basallo in AA, so they’re going to have a lot of graduations in the near future. But the best prospects tend to be those that have already dominated the low minors, so I don’t think the Orioles are super unusual this way. Basically, the farm is not as dominant as it once was, but they have a long way to go before they’re even just middle of the pack. 
    • What are your guys thoughts on what we drafted?  Apologies if I missed some of your thoughts, haven't had the time to read the whole thread.
    • I wasn’t bothered by the idea or it going over the game content, they were showing split screen. I just thought it was kind of lame. Ortiz was just freestyling and it didn’t work. “Hey what are you gonna do next? Are you enjoying this?”  Should have had a few targets and one or two interesting things to show.  Also, why do they insist on doing interviews in the field and not when guys are hanging in the dugout? Will get way better content and not impact their performance.
    • Well maybe somewhat in the 2nd round or maybe great stuff w/ good command, but not so much in the 10th round or later when Elias likes to draft pitchers.
    • Basallo is the one of the big 3 we should least likely trade. If everyone has had a big time OPS in Norfolk, then it probably means something is up. 
    • Yes, he can do all of that and possibly at an all-star level. But that does not answer my question.
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