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WT: Power Pitchers in MLB: Worth the Massive Contracts?


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Wriglelyville Times:


The peak age for pitcher velocity is only twenty years of age based on average fastball velocity. Total pitchers who achieve the highest average rate of fastball velocity occurs at twenty-six years of age. After twenty-six years of age there is a precipitous fall in both the average fastball velocity and total number of pitchers able to attain such velocity. From age twenty-seven to age thirty seasons starting pitchers see a decline of more than 5.7% in fastball velocity.


While power pitchers are extremely effective and are statistically proven to produce a lower rate of average runs against, the peak age range for power pitchers is between twenty-five and and twenty-nine. It could be argued that the peak age of a power pitcher can extend to thirty-one years of age for an anomaly/elite pitcher. There can be no justification for providing a power pitcher an elite long-term contract past the initial service contract.
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