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Seven wins vs. seven losses


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I thought it would be useful to break down the games we've won and lost.

The Seven Wins

4/06: O's 6, Rays 2. Tillman throws 6.2 allowing 1 run.

4/07: O's 6, Tampa 5. Chen is staked to a 6-0 lead but allows 3 runs in 4.1 IP and doesn't get the W.

4/11: O's 7, Jays 1. Ubaldo throws 7 innings of one hit shutout ball.

4/14: O's 4, Yankees 3. Gonzo allows 1 R in 7 IP. Gausman allows 2 runs (one unearned on a drop by De Aza) in 0.2 IP to make it interesting but Britton gets a 4 out save.

4/15: O's 7, Yankees 5. Norris survives with 5 IP 3 ER and the O's put up a 5-spot in the 6th. Hunter allows 2 runs to make it closer but Britton shuts it down in the 9th.

4/18: O's 4, Sox 1. Tillman allows 1 R but only goes 5.1 IP. Brach, O'Day and Britton shut the door.

4/19: O's 8, Sox 3. Gonzo allows a 3 spot in the first and only lasts 5 IP but the bullpen shuts the door and the bats respond.

The Seven Losses

4/08: Rays 2, O's 0. Gonzo goes 5.2 allowing just 1 run but gets a tough loss.

4/10: Jays 12, O's 5. Norris is shelled in 3 IP.

4/12: Jays 10, O's 7. Tillman lasts just 2.2 IP allowing 7 earned runs (originally scored as 3 earned and 4 unearned on Snider's OF play).

4/13: Yankees 6, O's 5. Chen pitches well (6 IP, 2 R) but Tommy Hunter gives up a 4-spot in relief.

4/17: Sox 3, O's 2. Ubaldo is tossed after 3.2. Gausman allows 2 runs and Matusz 1 in relief.

4/20: Sox 7, O's 1. Chen lasts only 4.1, makes a critical throwing error, and Manny and Lavarnway each make a costly error as well. All 5 runs Chen allows are unearned but he allows 3 hits and 5 walks.

4/21: Jays 13, O's 6. Norris lasts 2.1 IP and a spate of bad defense in the 2nd inning adds to his woes. Matusz and Garcia each allow 2 runs.


It's not too hard to spot the culprits here. The offense has played well enough to win in 11 of the 14 games. That's excellent and I can only hope it continues. The starting pitchers essentially took us out of the game in 4 of our 7 losses and they have only managed to go 6+ innings in 4 of 14 games (3 of which we won; Hunter blew the other one). The bullpen has only blown one lead, but they've been allowing a lot of tack-on runs when behind that have stifled any chance for our offense to get us back into games. The defense has made errors and misplays at bad times.

At the end of the day, our starting pitchers need to start getting deep into games. There's way too much pressure being put on our bullpen.

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