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vs. RAYS, 5/02


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We're the only offense to get to Chris Archer this year...

Not there tho. Did he throw 10 pitches?

I like the way we are seeing his pitches. He can pitch the whole game for all I care. It

s not like we have Farsworth or Balfour to look forward too.

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    • I think this is how the 2005 collapse started. Some major beatdowns. I remember the White Sox sweeping us and we kept dipping in the pen early and having starters having to pitch in between starts. Then at the end of that series Raffy tested positive for roids. Oh my!
    • Mother's Day Massacre was 2007. I remember it well. Started with a dropped foul popup. Ugh! Javy overrunning first base was also 07. I said at the time, "leave it to the O's to hit a two-run homer and only get one run!"  2005 broke my baseball soul I thought beyond repair. Then I thought 2012 was 2005 part deux as we fell to two games above .500 shortly after the AS break and then rattled off a 5 game winning streak. 
    • Funny thing is the Astros used to be part of the NL Central. If they still were, that's 5-13 against the NL Central and 52-23 against everyone else.  It's all just a coincidence and pitching matchups at the time. Also, who's hot and who's cold at the time. Cards have the Kryptonite soft tossers. Cubs were hot, we were cold, as another example. (Yes, I know there was more to it than that). But our stellar record against the AL East is about to take a nice little dive. 
    • Norby hitting for good power this season, but I have the feeling he won't be an Oriole by the July 31st trade deadline. I have to think Norby can be part of a package to get a good bullpen arm.  
    • The Orioles finished this season 5-10 against the NL Central, losing their last six: 1-2 vs PIT 1-2 vs MIL 3-0 vs CIN 0-3 vs STL 0-3 vs CHI They're 52-26 against everyone else.  Is there something to this we don't know about, or it is just Small Sample Size?
    • We are caught in the ebb tide of the season. Fingers crossed we will take things at the flood.
    • I was in high school so delusional in many ways, and boy did I not see it coming.  What an awful season of baseball.  Did the Mothers Day Massacre happen up in Fenway that year?  I think at one point that season Javy Lopez managed to put himself out during a home run trot by over running the man on base… oof. 
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