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vs. RAYS, 5/02


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Who threw to the wrong base?

No one. Adam should not have allowed that. In retrospect, Not having Keirmaier danceing around on first may have helped with that inning. Certainly the "I've never managed at any level in my life but this SEEMS like something Joe Maddon would have done" helped too.

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    • I learned nothing from the series. Slumps happen. RISP hitting comes back. Our hitting doesn’t stay down for long. The O’s:  1. perhaps have the best lineup in baseball. There’s reasons and ways to think it could get better too. Namely Mayo.  2. have a shaky pitching staff after elbow injuries to Bradish, Means, Wells, Bautista, Coloumbe. Irvin is a SP7/swing man. Suarez is a reliever. Povich is a barely interesting (doesn’t throw strikes, doesn’t throw hard) fringe rotation prospect.  The Cubs’ series didn’t change any of that.  We know what we need. A few arms.  Grabbing Eovaldi AND Scherzer from Texas would be cool.  Jack Flaherty took a few #15-#30 team prospect types. 
    • But for most of the season the team has been great in these situations. What's your theory for why they are freezing up against the Cubs and not the Yankees?
    • We got out scored 23-2. Gee, you think it was more than one thing that we struggled at? Look ahead spot to the Yankees series. Just like the Hangover spot coming off the Yankees series. Like it or not, our team is human and not robots.  I think we see Mayo after the ASB. If not, it probably means we swept the NYY. But Boston is creeping up. 
    • ISO by month: .068, 133, .244, .300.   He was injured for part of June and July is less than half over, so those last two numbers are in limited at bats, but there seems to be something going on with this kid.  It does seem that they see him more as a 2B than as a CF.  Maybe a utility guy? Fangraphs’ recent comments: defensive versatility has become Josenberger’s calling card, as he’s looked more than capable of handling all three outfield spots as well as the keystone position in the professional ranks. His above-average speed and efficient routes allow him to cover both gaps in the grass, while his hands and lateral range project to be solid-average at second base.  Josenberger is a switch-hitter who does a good job of not expanding his zone, but neither his left- nor right-handed swing produces authoritative contact despite his sweet looking ability to rotate through contact. He is putting the ball in play a ton and has a swinging strike rate below 7% so far this year, but the look of Josenberger’s barrel feel is not quite that strong. He looks to be headed for a defense-driven bench utility role. https://blogs.fangraphs.com/baltimore-orioles-top-45-prospects-2024/ He bears watching.  
    • I don’t know much about the draft and I’ve done a crash course the last few days. How do we pass on this dude if he’s available? Big dude. Big frame. NCAA pitcher. Command issues, obviously. That’s why he might be there at 22. Gotta take him. The ceiling is too high. Hope he’s there. 
    • Good find.  I mean if you’re not going to draft Brecht here, when will you ever draft a pitcher? Why take a chance on a toolsy guy like Honeycutt, when Brecht as a pitcher as an even higher upside? We see what pitching can do and how expensive it is. It would take 2-3 Honeycutts to trade for a Brecht like arm 5 years from now. 
    • The Longenhagen comment is interesting: “Here begins the three- or four-team cluster of clubs that are really, really good at developing pitchers. Brecht has monster stuff and a huge frame; he’s basically the pitching version of Caglianone in this class. If any of the Orioles, Braves, Dodgers, or Yankees get their hands on him, they might turn him into a monster. “ Longenhagen really likes our pitching development, though Tony points out that the Elias-led O’s haven’t drafted a pitcher who’s reached the majors.   So what does he like?    
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