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Hanley Ramirez injures shoulder on Green Monster


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Seemed inevitable really. Same shoulder he has had 2 surgeries on.

Edit: Just watched it. Actually the wall down the line and not the Green Monster. Didn't look too bad, but hard to say. Taken out of game in the first.

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Red Sox might be in a lot of trouble again this season.

Totally saw this coming. No idea why the saber heads thought they would win the AL East.

So, then a really stupid signing by the Red Sox. I don't blame Ramirez, he's not a LF and they put him in one of the most difficult places to play LF.

David Ortiz is old and should retire to make room for Manny at DH. Oh wait, he's so riddled with PEDs he could play until he's 50. nvm

Didn't Ramirez sign first? And then they signed Panda.

Wouldn't trust him at 3B either. And Panda was another bad signing.

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