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vs. BLUE JAYS, 5/11


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    • I agree. He's a major factor in our odds to win a World Series. Gotta go for it while you can and keep him if we can. I generally don't like big contracts and view them as over pays. I criticized the Albert Belle signing, I hated the Ubaldo Jimenez signing, and I didn't feel comfortable with the Chris Davis extension. But to me those players did not have a solid consistent careers as a pure Ace player like Burnes does. Burnes is a player I feel confident that you know what you're getting, even if we can expect a decline by age 35. Up to that point, you're getting a perennial Cy Young competitor to anchor your entire Pitching Staff and give you a chance to win when you need it most just like he did tonight in the game 3 rubber match in a series against division rivals. This series against the Red Sox, Burnes was effectively the Stopper and got us back on track. I'm all for resigning Corbin Burnes! It's on my Christmas wish list!
    • I agree. He's been such a key part of the team competing this year. Especially since we don't have a good bullpen, Corbin Burnes has been HUGE for us. For us to keep the window to a World Series chance open, we have to at least try to retain his services. Ya never know if you don't try! What's that Wayne Gretsky quote about shots you don't take?
    • Welcome to the Orioles Hangout!
    • Michael Baumann sounded his barbaric yawp, and held the ghost runner off the board in the top of the 10th to put the Mariners in a good position in a 1-1 duel featuring Verlander, Kirby, Hader and Munoz throwing a 29/2 K/BB on the hitters.
    • Urias is responsible for a contribution on 3 runs (2 where he touched the plate and another RBI), and also played good 3rd base defense, and hasn't gotten much playing time, so for this one I guess i gotta give it to him. Although both Burnes and Henderson are certainly deserving.
    • Burnes was quoted as saying he wanted to test free agency before signing anything .  But with time between now to November, I hope Orioles would privately ask him if they could make an offer now . He probably would say not at this time. But what do they have to lose ?
    • Most big free agent contracts “don’t work out” from a WAR per dollar type perspective. But you have to overpay if you want a shot at getting a multi-year World Series window. If Burnes was great for three or four years and the Os made it to the World Series during that time then who cares about the final couple of years on the contract. The Orioles would probably be rebuilding at that point or have entered a better income bracket. 
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