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The Care and Feeding of your Ace


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This is a fan's guide on caring for and feeding your Ace pitcher. Caring for an Ace takes skills that mus be practiced diligently. There are several steps.

1. Acknowledge that now your team truly has an Ace. He may not have been an Ace in previous years and certainly not recognized as an Ace, but now that he has achieved this status, make sure that you recognize his Ace-like qualities.

2. When your Ace comes onto the field at the beginning of the game, make sure to cheer him, especially when his name is announced as the starting pitcher. He will be so very happy to hear all of those cheers, as he may not have heard such cheers in the past.

3. Every time he throws a strike, cheer him on. Stand up and yell wildly whenever he strikes someone out. I thought about getting some of those King Felix type signs, but we really don't need them, as the growing line of red Ks on the scoreboard will show off his prowess.

4. Your team's defense will be your Ace's best friends; remember that a baseball team has 9 players, not just one. Get behind and cheer on your team's defense.

5. Remember that your Ace may not always have his stuff. Don't boo him off the mound if he has a bad day. He will return to his Ace-like status next start.

6. Don't even think or talk about trading him.

If you follow these simple rules, your Ace will be happy to give you many years of loyal service for your team. Maybe, just maybe the national press will actually see him for what he is: an Ace. Even if they never do, it doesn't matter, as he will be a leader in his team's wining ways.

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Is Ubaldo our "ace"? It sure aint Tillman or Norris.
Actually, Ubaldo started off the season as the #5 starter. It's not that hard for the order to be "switched" and #5 becomes #1. It's just me, but I believe that he has achieved his position as the Ace. His ERA and WHIP are lower than any of the others.

The Grand Poobah of the Ubaldo Jimenez Fan Club :clap3::clap:

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