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Bobby Bundy Knee


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At that point you might as well splice in gorilla ligament DNA. (Make them a couple inches taller too)

Actually, if we cut out the PEDs we might have better successes. As daddy always said. Those Ligaments don't tear themselves.

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Congrats to Bundy for making it back. 26 in AA Bowie. His last 10 games...

15.2 IP

1.15 ERA

16/3 K/BB

14 hits

That's since June 29th. He's had a great month and a good comeback overall. Did he ever get back to low 90's with his FB?

Edit: Meant to bump this to the minors section. Did not know it was in the Orioles Talk. Oh well. We need a feel good story at the moment. Then mod it up.

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