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O'a Flip in team production in April/May


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Quick turn on events


April 4.78 ERA (13th out of 15 in the AL)

May 3.12 ERA (3rd out of 15 in the AL)


April 827 OPS (1st out of 15 in the AL)

May 621 OPS (14th out of 15 in the AL)

I think these numbers belie the oft-stated belief that baseball is 90% about pitching, and similar nonsense. We were .500 in April with the bats hot and the pitchers cold, and we are .400 in May with the hitters cold and the pitchers hot. The bottom line is that you need to outscore your opposition, whether it's 8-7 or 2-1. Just score more runs that the other team does (or if you prefer to say it this way, allow fewer runs that the other team does).

However, I find some reasons for optimism. I think the pitchers will continue to perform pretty well (as they did last year once they hit their stride) and the offense will break out of its current slump, and >.500 results will follow. This is not a .621 OPS team in the long haul.

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