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Article on Nelson Cruz's return to OPACY


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I liked this part:

The perpetually positive Nelson Cruz kept using the word "excited" when asked about returning to Camden Yards on Tuesday for the first time since joining the Seattle Mariners as a free agent last December. He's excited to see Manager Buck Showalter, excited to bearhug former teammates and excited to chat with Baltimore Orioles fans that he says couldn't have been more supportive.

There is one thing that disappoints Cruz about this upcoming three-game series, however. He won't be able to physically attack Orioles second baseman Jonathan Schoop, who is on the disabled list with a knee injury.

"I wanted to beat him up at second base a little bit. But I can't now," Cruz joked in a recent telephone interview. "Me and Schoop, we text back and forth. And I told him how much I wanted to be in there and play against him and try to get a groundball while I'm at first base so I could throw him out of the infield."


I always enjoyed the scenes of Cruz and Schoop yukking it up in the dugout.

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He misses Schoop and Manny. He doesn't love his new team like he loved ours.

Yeah early in the year, last year, I didn't have an interest in him returning, but after seeing the real chemistry develop over the course of the season, I wanted him resigned. I'll never forget that back roll that he did in the playoffs.

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    • I'll be surprised if it's not that trio with either Kremer or Gibson as the 4th starter if the Orioles need one during the playoffs. It's terrible Means was gone for nearly 1.5 years, but the plus side is his arm should be fresh.
    • If the Orioles can't get a good return and Norby doesn't win a job next spring, the odds may go up that he takes over in left in 2025 if the Orioles aren't going to pay both Hays and Mullins, or maybe neither.
    • 4 Ks and missed 6 bats. I missed the game tonight and it looks like he pitched well and he is certainly 3rd in the pecking order right now (which speaks to the staff more than anything) but I don’t have confidence in him vs top offenses if he can’t miss bats and strike guys out.
    • I think Kremer will be in the pen for the playoffs.   I think he can be a weapon out of the bullpen for us this year. Next year I imagine he will pitch in the rotation and continue to improve.  I see this guy pitching in MLB for a long time.  He has the drive and desire to be great.  He improves and adapts as he goes along.     I think they need to try and add and impact starter in the off-seasons and push competition.  I’d like to see two impact relief arms as well.     I’m not in the “the sky is falling” camp right now, but the last few weeks have shown the importance of high quality depth.  You can’t have too much talent. 
    • I bought tickets from the Birdland members presale. My wife and I have a 13-game plan. When it said you could only buy one set of tickets per series, I assumed that meant one pair for the Wild Card Series, one for the ALDS, and one for the ALCS. But I'm seeing people online say that they bought tickets for two games in the ALDS and one for the ALCS. I didn't realize that I could distribute my three games any way I wanted. Now I'm annoyed that I wasted tickets on two series that might not happen at all.
    • The Orioles have one more loss at home than on the road. So I would say about the same. The Rays on the other hand are .663 at home (53-27) vs. .553 on the road (42-34). The Orioles have Bradish and GRod going against the Nationals, at home, after a day off. They should win those games. If they win tomorrow, too, the deed would be nearly done by Wed. Winning tomorrow is not essential, they would be still in good shape with a loss. But it would help to avoid going deep into the week to resolve this.
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